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Our new Yield Machine Max Grow Box. Our highest yielding grow cabinet equipped with high powered LED lighting.  Comes with everything to grow your favorite plants indoors, including full hydroponics system upgraded to 3x the root capacity of our original grow cabinets.  Highest yielding quality stealth grow box you will find at this price anywhere.
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Every Hydroponic Grow Box we offer comes with the following items.

    • 3 Growing and 3 Flowering Grow lights and or UFO LED Grow light in LED grow boxes only.
    • 6 months Growing and then Flowering Nutrients !
    • Hydroponic systems with attached pump, bubbler, tubing, and net pots. Also includes growing cube- grow medium to fit your selected system.
    • Your grow box is self cooed with intake Exhaust fan with Carbon Filtration on exhaust for better airflow and air cleaning odor removal. Both are covered for light leak also.
    • Hi-flect double thick insulation Interior provides better than mylar insulating qualities than Mylar lines grow cabinets well as maximum light reflection.6 Months worth of CO2 carbon dioxide enhancers, now included FREE.
    • Full Instructions and lifetime grow support , you can literally call or text if ever have any growing questions or needed tips to learn to grow even easier with your cabinet. We will help you if have never grown before or first time attempting a hydroponics system. We will ship in plain box in a stealth manner.
    • The Yield Machine Max and Ultimate Kush Cabinet also include timers and ph leveling kits at no additional charge.
    • Our systems are Plug and Play Grow cabinets, no assembly required.  Unpack, plant seeds in minutes, even a beginner will succeed or your money back!
We've been producing grow cabinets since 2008 and  make the best quality, lowest cost cabinets that we can possibly produce.  Our competitive prices are available from less advertising costs then larger companies and were able to have pricesato a level most people will appreciate.  Our hydroponic cabinets are under Warranty, and if your not happy with your grow box you can return it.  We appreciate the chance to give users a low cost way to start growing indoors, and we will help any user in need of assistance thru-out their grow for a lifetime.

Use Paypal then Bill Me Later at checkout to Buy Now and Pay Later.  Call 856-371-8668 for any questions.

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