Grow box questions and answers.

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    here is latest pic of my grow. Also for all of you having trouble with algae get some Botanicare Hydroguard it will help control algae and root rot.

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    Isaiah john wilson

    Have any of you guys had problems with smell/ odor ????? I have a fastbuds west coast og it’s my first grow and it’s at 2.5 weeks I hope I won’t need to buy a carbon filter that my biggest concern.

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    I have a lot of odor…. like it hits you in the face when you walk in the door to the house. I’m growing 2 uk cheese and 1 white widow… first timer so I don’t know which varieties smell more than others. I bought some Ona gel that seems to be helping my problem… the Ona solid stuff that came with the box wasn’t getting the job done.

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    Yeah, that’s one of the many flaws of this grow cabinet. The pc fans that are installed with carbon filter is crap. I

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