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Jason R

So I don’t get the nutrient instructions. They indicate a teaspoon of Grow and a half teaspoon of Micro in a gallon of water, and then to add 1/8-1/4 cup of that mixture to the approximately 3 gallons of water in the DWC basin. What I don’t understand is that this yields a tiny fraction of the mixture proportions on the Floragrow bottle and website, and in my case using RO water a TDS of only 50 in my basin. Everything I’m reading says I want a TDS of 600-700 or so in my basin. At this pace my bottles of nutrients will last forever– 1 gallon of mixture using 1/4 cup feedings is 64 feedings (weeks) per gallon of nutrient mix. That means at most I’ll be using a single teaspoon of floragrow for about 8 grows lol. That can’t be right can it?