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Guys, there’s tons I mean hundreds of users locally and across the country who grow exactly how is, tossing a fan inside couldn’t hurt at all, but by buddy is using the yield max, house 70 degrees plant is growing huge completely stock. Never checks PH or temps, never grown a thing in past. Weekly water change followed by nutrients, that’s all you need to and should be doing. If you put a non infrared thermometer under a infrared, UV grow light its going to read higher than actual temp every time. at 90+ degrees as some have read the plant wouldn’t grow, let alone be pure green and large. I wouldn’t worry about the false temps, most causes for yellowing is over feeding. Messing it with constantly trying to fix a non existent issue though will kill the plants. If have any extreme issues please let us know, such as fans not running like have in past etc, and we will take care of it, thanks!