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Couple things about my grow so far and hopefully can get some input on uploading pictures directly without web link?
Purchased the 4 ft yield max with the 300watt led, side led lighting, and 2 mother plant reservoir. Have been very pleased with my purchase and looks like I’m in for some good yield here my first go (few days into flower now, about 60 days, and close to halfway up box with full canopy, probably 12 nodes between the two). I did have a few tips for others here that may help with a couple issues I ran into. 1. Green Algae – Starting getting some serious algae a couple weeks in where I had to treat my roots with food grade h2o2 and clean for a few more weeks to recover. Easy fix to prevent – duct tape. Believe light was getting through the white reservoir lid so simply put a few layers around outside of reservoir and lid – no more algae. 2. If using RO or distilled water invest in some CALiMAGic or similar to avoid calcium deficiency. 3. Get a ph tester and tds meter – use tds meter to measure ppm after reservoir change, as you top off every couple of days use plain water if ppm is higher or feed with nutes if ppm is same or lower. Hope this helps and I can get some pics of my babies up soon!