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Hey I hope it’s working out for you.
But to say the cash crop light thing is close to ours is kind of a joke.
Their box is over 449$ for a 2 foot, 525$ for a 3.
If you want a higher quality grow we have the ghost pro which dominates the cash crocrop and would only have costed you 389 total.
If you or anyone wants a led style grow box with 5x the power of the cash crop and over 150$ cheaper don’t buy our 300$ ghost cabinet, go with the 389$ ghost pro led. Which moves up and down with larger fans and and intake which theirs also does not have and is Definately wanted, as it strengthens the stems thruout grow.
Contact me anytime thru chat email etc, I can get you the led grow light, and make it all worth while for you for free.