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I got my box about 2 1/2 months ago (300W LED 5ft Mother Machine Max), started my grow and along the way I’ve made some improvements to the box. I removed the air pump, drilled a small hole where the screw went through the box then put black tubing through the hole and sealed with silicone. I then added a check valve on the inside of the box so that it could attach to tote with airstone. I also replaced my included powerstrip with this one from petco ( for $20. The powerstrip was a must upgrade but the others were just for my own style/convenience. I’m absolutely loving my box, build quality and stealth are both excellent. My plant (started with just one bag seed) is flourishing (Day 53 from seed {day 25 Flower}). Currently the plant fills the entire box with about 9-12 nodes and a dense canopy. I will try to include some pics of my grow on my next post.