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I got my 4 Foot Yield Max over a month ago. After a few delays in getting the grow started (nothing to do with the box or components)

Here’s a few things I have learned and/or acquired in the last month:

Air flow is ESSENTIAL. Though the box is away from the wall by 8 inches or more IF the door to the room that the box is in is closed so that air can not circulate – in warmer temps like here in the southwest, you can pretty much assure that algae WILL develop as tank temps rise. Keep air circulating around your box if possible, and insure lights are off during the hottest part of the day. An electronic PH tester is nice, but a standard vial type tester and General Hydroponics PH UP/DOWN can be a lifesaver in areas with water PH above 6.5 or below 5.5. IF you don’t know the PH of the water you are planning on using – invest in the General Hydroponics PH UP/DOWN kit, you won’t be sorry.

An extra DWC tub is also nice – I picked one up locally (appears to be the same brand) for under $5.00 I also opted for Advanced Hydroponics Perfect PH 3 part nutrient system, Natural Bacillus root inoculant and Soy Oil mite and mold/root inoculant.

When it comes to seedlings and nutrients LESS is ALWAYS better than more. Everyone here is NOT kidding… REALLY, for seedlings less is best. Also to avoid nutrient lock out please check HERE-> for the proper way to mix your nutrients to avoid nutrient lock out. General Hydroponics 3 part formulation is pretty straight forward… others, not so much.

IF you follow the instructions provided here on Unique Hydroponics – do your research – get a good batch of stable genetic seeds (and maybe the ability to filter things in PhotoShop better than I can) and you will find that the results posted by John on his grow at two weeks old is spot on with what you can expect!

An image of my Medical Grow at day 13 is posted below:

I will post images and comments as the grow progresses. Overall I am MORE than happy with my purchase and would easily recommend this set up to others.

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