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After 9 weeks into my first ever medical & Hydroponic Grow here’s my honest opinion of the unit I purchased:

1. The vast majority of problems I have had have resulted from lack of knowledge, change of medium (on two fronts – water & indoor LED lighting), personal preference & growing environment- NOT with box or any of its components.
2. I did A LOT of research prior to my purchase, while boxes are not perfect – they do offer a quick start up, a package that includes the vast majority of EVERYTHING you will need at the most readable price – AND a great support team.
3. You will probably find some thing’s that you will want to change… larger pump mounted outside the box, better light seal for the DWC tub whose spray paint tends to flake off. You will also find things you
want or need to purchase not included in the Grow box kit. However, that being said I am more convinced than ever after having used the product, you won’t find a better bargain for an all in one!

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