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Some advice.

Do not soak the grow disks in water they will become much to saturated(learned the hard way). Slowly add warm water a little at a time to expand. Go buy the actual grow disk starter thing only like 3 or four bucks and comes with small tray and dome.

Use paper towel seed germination method. Once seed pops place tail down only like a half inch down you want top of seed just barely covered by dirt. Do not put into DWC tub but leave in tray until the seedling comes up and only spray the top cubes with water just to keep moist not SATURATED.

Once the seeding is established put in net pot and into doc tub. DO NOT HAVE THE WATER TOUCHING THE BOTTOM OF THE NET POT. It will suck up to much water and become over watered and stunted. When net pot 1st in leave about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch away. You want the bubbles to break surface of water and spritz the bottom of the nets. This should get roots to want to reach down to tub. If cube looks real dry you can continue to spray top with water bottle until main roots start going into water.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I am no expert and this is my 1st indoor grow but figured in same boat as others.

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