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    I am new to growing and I decided to write a review on the Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow Box (299). The website compares it to the dealzer grow box which is about 100 more. After using it for about a month I have a few issues and two are big design flaws in my opinion. First unlike the dealzer box the lights cannot be lowered so simple fix is to rise the grow box closer to the lights but only issue is that the pump is mounted at bottom of box. It is recommended to never have pump below water level as it may back feed and ruin the pump, so I cannot raise box without moving pump. Next the lights are attached at top of box in a power strip which also is where the pump is plugged into. Now when I am ready to change to 12 on/off light schedule the light timer will shut off the lights and the pump. The pump should be able to be plugged in directly to outlet like the fans. These are two major design flaws that I don’t see how they were over looked especially if you are copying another grow box, I am sure I am not the first to notice these things and they should have been changed. Two other small notes. The included grow medium those hard discs are not recommended for hydro grows please include rapid rooter grow plugs. Also a light timer should be included, I am playing 300$ for complete system.
    Other then those issues the box is well built and was delivered quickly. I will have to find fixes for the issues So because of these issue 3 stars.

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    Hey I hope it’s working out for you.
    But to say the cash crop light thing is close to ours is kind of a joke.
    Their box is over 449$ for a 2 foot, 525$ for a 3.
    If you want a higher quality grow we have the ghost pro which dominates the cash crocrop and would only have costed you 389 total.
    If you or anyone wants a led style grow box with 5x the power of the cash crop and over 150$ cheaper don’t buy our 300$ ghost cabinet, go with the 389$ ghost pro led. Which moves up and down with larger fans and and intake which theirs also does not have and is Definately wanted, as it strengthens the stems thruout grow.
    Contact me anytime thru chat email etc, I can get you the led grow light, and make it all worth while for you for free.

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    Bump..this grow box has been regulated to clones. It’s just too small for much more. If serious about growing invest in a tent.

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    If considering our 300$ CFL box, please view the Economy LED box or the ghost pro as well. Minimal more cost, lot better grow. The CFL box was original, and uses 10 year old technology, LED was never around when original ghost came out.

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    Also if using a 3 foot box, use autoflower seeds or your going to have real tough time keeping it down.

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