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    Hey so i just lost my three hydro plants due to me having to go out of town for a wedding an i came back to my buddy that has over feed them to bad to were it killed them so i got this and i just added my nutrients and all so what should i do to it all he did was just grow it and water it nothing added or anything so just a lil help plzz

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    Should the water pump and inlet/outlet fans always be on? Trying to see if I put the whole power strip on the 18/6 grow timer, it would shut off not only the lights but everything plugged into it as well. Any thoughts?

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    your water pump should always stay on but u can turn your fans off how u like

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    For some reason I can not get my plants to flower. I switched light halfway through to 12/12 and changed to flower nutrients. Did I miss a step?

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    some take a little longer to start flowering look up how long your plants flowering time is

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    Hi! Just received my three foot grow box today (still waiting on the seeds to come). I plan to grow in all six spots but am concerned about out growing the box. Also I planned to grow two different femenized seeds. Just wonder if you advise otherwise or if you think I’ll be OK? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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    I apologize for my ignorance on this one but I have another question please. I assume I plug the bubbler into the power strip where the bulbs are. If I unplug the strip at the appropriate times how will I keep the bubbler running? Thanks again!

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    Yes bubbler into strip 18 on 6 off for lights and bubbler 24 7 fans. Users do all 6 with Seeds that are not feminized and wind up having about 3 once grow is complete. If using feminized I would go with 2 or 3 from start, one to get it down first, and two to allow max yield on the plants you do have. Will yield more with less healthier denser plants than more that don’t get full maturity.

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    What is the brand of notes provided? Just curious as considering possibly going organic- something like Earth Juice

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    larger systems come with general hydroponis flora series, others is a mix of things including happy farm organic mix.. If anything some users do use their own nutrients instead but we do include pretty good ones.

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    Super jazzed about getting that knhowwo-.

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    Unlerallaped accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

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    *Sorry didnt see this post before i started new thread*
    Hey this is my first time thinking about growing and ive been looking through all the great options. im just not sure which to choose. is a 16 inches by 9.5 inches really enough space to fully grow a possible 2-3 plants at a time? it seems shallow. or should i go with the deeper yield machine. ive decided i want LED lighting but also cant decide if 3 foot tall is enough or if i should go 4 foot since i want to grow from seed to flower. any input is appreciated. im also thinking about taking the hydro system out and trying soil first.

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    how long did it take you guys to get youre boxes i am geeked to get mine and start a grow journal too!

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    I believe mine took about 2 weeks.

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    Couple things about my grow so far and hopefully can get some input on uploading pictures directly without web link?
    Purchased the 4 ft yield max with the 300watt led, side led lighting, and 2 mother plant reservoir. Have been very pleased with my purchase and looks like I’m in for some good yield here my first go (few days into flower now, about 60 days, and close to halfway up box with full canopy, probably 12 nodes between the two). I did have a few tips for others here that may help with a couple issues I ran into. 1. Green Algae – Starting getting some serious algae a couple weeks in where I had to treat my roots with food grade h2o2 and clean for a few more weeks to recover. Easy fix to prevent – duct tape. Believe light was getting through the white reservoir lid so simply put a few layers around outside of reservoir and lid – no more algae. 2. If using RO or distilled water invest in some CALiMAGic or similar to avoid calcium deficiency. 3. Get a ph tester and tds meter – use tds meter to measure ppm after reservoir change, as you top off every couple of days use plain water if ppm is higher or feed with nutes if ppm is same or lower. Hope this helps and I can get some pics of my babies up soon!

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    Do I mix all 3 of these nutrients (1 teaspoon per)into a one gallon mix? Or are they added a different times?

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    I have a new max yield 48″ hydro growbox with the 300w LED lighting upgrade. I just installed a hygrometer and the temp at the top of the hydroponic box is 93 degrees with 26% humidity. My sprouted plants are getting scorched. I have moved the light up as high as it will go. I am running the light 18/6. Do you have any suggestions or solutions to my heat and dryness issue?

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    Isaiah Wilson

    How loud is the water pump?????

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    I got my box about 2 1/2 months ago (300W LED 5ft Mother Machine Max), started my grow and along the way I’ve made some improvements to the box. I removed the air pump, drilled a small hole where the screw went through the box then put black tubing through the hole and sealed with silicone. I then added a check valve on the inside of the box so that it could attach to tote with airstone. I also replaced my included powerstrip with this one from petco ( for $20. The powerstrip was a must upgrade but the others were just for my own style/convenience. I’m absolutely loving my box, build quality and stealth are both excellent. My plant (started with just one bag seed) is flourishing (Day 53 from seed {day 25 Flower}). Currently the plant fills the entire box with about 9-12 nodes and a dense canopy. I will try to include some pics of my grow on my next post.

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