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    Some advice.

    Do not soak the grow disks in water they will become much to saturated(learned the hard way). Slowly add warm water a little at a time to expand. Go buy the actual grow disk starter thing only like 3 or four bucks and comes with small tray and dome.

    Use paper towel seed germination method. Once seed pops place tail down only like a half inch down you want top of seed just barely covered by dirt. Do not put into DWC tub but leave in tray until the seedling comes up and only spray the top cubes with water just to keep moist not SATURATED.

    Once the seeding is established put in net pot and into doc tub. DO NOT HAVE THE WATER TOUCHING THE BOTTOM OF THE NET POT. It will suck up to much water and become over watered and stunted. When net pot 1st in leave about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch away. You want the bubbles to break surface of water and spritz the bottom of the nets. This should get roots to want to reach down to tub. If cube looks real dry you can continue to spray top with water bottle until main roots start going into water.

    Feel free to ask me any questions, I am no expert and this is my 1st indoor grow but figured in same boat as others.

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    I am wondering the same thing. Mine is running way to hot. Getting to a point where I’m disappointed in my purchase.

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    Air flow is the key. Also google “swamp cooler” this is cheap way to cool it down. I have my box in a corner to allow a good amount of air flow. I am lucky to hav a window nearby with a window fan in it, eventually I will put an A/C unit in it. Get a cheap fan for inside the box and keep a regular tall fan in the room blowing on the box just to increase the air flow around it. I can post pics at some point, plants are going good. Don’t be disappointed yet, just have to make a few adjustments and should works for yah!

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    My box has continued to be too hot. My house is like 72 degrees with the A/c on all day and inside the box is 82 degrees with the led light on it came with. Its just too hot. There needs to be more than 2 fans in the box. I feel I spent my money on something that hasnt been fully tested and now Im at where I am.

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    Recently purchased a grow box. 2 weeks into seedling stage. They are not growing. Leaves are very tiny. Out of the 3 growing, 2 are very green and the other is faded like it’s getting to much water. I lowered water level thinking that would help. Now they are drying out quickly. They only stay moist if I keep the water level touching net pots. But then seems to soak up to much water. Grown in soil but never a hydroponic system. Not sure how to go about correcting an issue when it could be 4 different problems

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    I just put a hygrometer in the box. It reads 90! degrees and rising. Any suggestions to lowering the the temperature?

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    Get fans inside the box. I was somewhat apprehensive with purchase but I was able to grow with the high temps mid 80’s. I got this a few months ago and this is my 1st grow.

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    Jason R

    So I don’t get the nutrient instructions. They indicate a teaspoon of Grow and a half teaspoon of Micro in a gallon of water, and then to add 1/8-1/4 cup of that mixture to the approximately 3 gallons of water in the DWC basin. What I don’t understand is that this yields a tiny fraction of the mixture proportions on the Floragrow bottle and website, and in my case using RO water a TDS of only 50 in my basin. Everything I’m reading says I want a TDS of 600-700 or so in my basin. At this pace my bottles of nutrients will last forever– 1 gallon of mixture using 1/4 cup feedings is 64 feedings (weeks) per gallon of nutrient mix. That means at most I’ll be using a single teaspoon of floragrow for about 8 grows lol. That can’t be right can it?

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    Guys, there’s tons I mean hundreds of users locally and across the country who grow exactly how is, tossing a fan inside couldn’t hurt at all, but by buddy is using the yield max, house 70 degrees plant is growing huge completely stock. Never checks PH or temps, never grown a thing in past. Weekly water change followed by nutrients, that’s all you need to and should be doing. If you put a non infrared thermometer under a infrared, UV grow light its going to read higher than actual temp every time. at 90+ degrees as some have read the plant wouldn’t grow, let alone be pure green and large. I wouldn’t worry about the false temps, most causes for yellowing is over feeding. Messing it with constantly trying to fix a non existent issue though will kill the plants. If have any extreme issues please let us know, such as fans not running like have in past etc, and we will take care of it, thanks!

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    Thanks for the help.
    I have another question. I have my pump plugged into the power strip inside the box. Do I plug the lights into a timer then into the strip , to prevent them from staying on 24/7 ?
    Thank you

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    Yes that is perfect then leave pump running if like, as well as fans.

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    Seth ,
    I am having an issue with keeping my humidity level
    Above 20%. I have increased temperatures, water levels, put a heater in the room where the grow box is located , placed small cups of water inside the box and nothing has changed.
    Do you think a reptile mister would do the trick?

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    I am having the same problems. I have to watch the water levels like crazy . I have experienced the stems thinning and lost two seedlings from too much water. I also lost two more because the roots dried out. I realize that this is a learning process, but I paid for my seeds which you probably did as well and it’s getting expensive.
    I was thinking about getting a different container to place inside, but not sure that will work either.

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    What is the best way to light proof unused holes?

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