Best priced LED grow cabinets anywhere.

mini led grow light

Why Unique Hydroponics grow boxes?
With many hydroponic grow box cabinet choices out here online a lot of beginners are always wondering which is the best to start with. We have been selling since 2008 and didn’t always have this many options available. Nowadays the answer is pretty clear. Full spectrum led grow light boxes is the ultimate best choice. It’s obvious the yield machine series grows the better quality over ours or competitor’s cfl grow boxes. But now, we have a lower cost alternative that still features LED lighting. It is the Ghost Pro LED series grow box.
This version combines our staple ghost style hydroponic cabinets with increased air flow and Full spectrum LED lighting. This cabinet grows quicker and more fruitful flowers than any cfl grow box guaranteed or money back. Take a look online and take a look here and our grow box blog page. Any questions email us or use chat icon below. Shipments arrive within 7/10 days to USA.