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Yield Machine Max Grow Box Reviews

yield max 300 grow box

4 Foot Tall Full Spectrum LED Grow Cabinet

The Yield Machine Max is one or top products on the page with good reason.  With less upfront and long term cost than most competitors and even more size for the money, it really is a risk free purchase.

Our user photo blog page is available here with user grow pictures and results.  The Yield Max for sure out produces similar priced cabinets such as the Cash Crop.

With choice of 150 watt or 300 watt full spectrum LED lighting, it’s almost to much power for this size cabinet, not under powered like other systems.  Using the higher powered LED lighting over CFL lighting is the better option long term.  It also produces more yields and higher quality flower production overall.

Within 7-10 days of ordering, you will receive your cabinet, and be ready to start growing.  We offer full email and phone support with any questions along the way.

Text or call 856-994-2778 or use the chat icon at bottom of screen for quick replies.

yieldmax ghostpro4footclosed



Best prices LED Grow Cabinet in the country.

The Yield Machine Max LED Grow box is the number one priced LED system in the country.  It’s ability to grow in a small space is not replicated for this price range anywhere.

Grows can be seen at our user blog page here.

With stock 150 and low cost upgrade to a 300 watt version, you will pay this box off in one grow guaranteed or your money back.  eBay and other competitors cfl or led grow cabinets will not produce the quality flower of the Yield Machine Max.  I’m yet to see any other units perform like this online.

Also search you tube for unique hydroponics grow box even more user grows.  If higher yields in smaller spaces is what your looking for this is Definately the best option around.

trusted site

Best priced LED grow cabinets anywhere.

mini led grow light

Why Unique Hydroponics grow boxes?
With many hydroponic grow box cabinet choices out here online a lot of beginners are always wondering which is the best to start with. We have been selling since 2008 and didn’t always have this many options available. Nowadays the answer is pretty clear. Full spectrum led grow light boxes is the ultimate best choice. It’s obvious the yield machine series grows the better quality over ours or competitor’s cfl grow boxes. But now, we have a lower cost alternative that still features LED lighting. It is the Ghost Pro LED series grow box.
This version combines our staple ghost style hydroponic cabinets with increased air flow and Full spectrum LED lighting. This cabinet grows quicker and more fruitful flowers than any cfl grow box guaranteed or money back. Take a look online and take a look here and our grow box blog page. Any questions email us or use chat icon below. Shipments arrive within 7/10 days to USA.

LED grow boxes at competition CFL box prices.

LED grow box at CFL grow cabinet prices.

We always want to stay ahead of the competition, and we keep doing so.

Our LED grow cabinets provide better growth to plants than any cfl box out there, including our own.  If your in the market for a grow cabinet and want the best quality flower you can get, choose a led grow box from us.

Our full spectrum led grow boxes use full spectrum led grow lights, which let you vegetate and flower using the same light.  This is a superior grow over cfl cabinets either ours or theirs.  For a slightly more additional investment, it will pay back just as quickly on your first harvest guaranteed.

Whether it’s our new ghost pro led or our fan favorite yield machine max.  We have a led grow box for you.

Most affordable, quality LED grow box in the world.

Ghost pro cab

Our newer Ghost Pro LED grow box is by far a steal of a grow cabinet system.

This grow box is designed with beginners and simplicity in mind, with the ability to outperform CFL cabinets over double the cost.  Using full spectrum LED grow light, and a personal self ventilated Ghost cabinet frame, high yields in a small space have never been easier.

With the Ghost Pro grow box, users will receive everything needed except seeds to start up a serious indoor garden in minutes.  Including nutrients for both stages, lighting, ventilation, full hydroponic system with pump and all accessories, as well as light proofing carbon filters on rear fan slots.

For under 400$ including shipping, I don’t believe there’s a better deal anywhere in the world. Come check out this personal hydroponic grow box today you won’t be sorry.

We are Number 1 in quality low cost grow cabinets anywhere.

hydro peppers veg

Unique-Hydroponics is Number 1 is low cost personal grow cabinets anywhere in the world today.

We are a lower overhead company in a group ownership environment that we all work on every aspect of the business 7 days a week.  Other grow box companies do nt have the capability to sell units as we can.

Grow Boxes that deliver results on a budget.

With such a simple entry level grow box as our Ghost Cabinet 3 foot grow system, even this unit delivers fantastic results for any grower.  Below we have some units growing nice peppers in vegetation stage and nice basil as well.

ghost basil

hydroponic pepper box

Get growing step by step all the way to harvest with Unique-Hydroponics Grow Box Kits.

CFL cabinets are great and were used in above grows, but now we also carry LED version grow cabinets that can potentially yield even higher results than previously possible with CFL.

Check out all of our beginner friendly, awesome grow cabinets today.

New LED Grow Cabinets in 2, 3, and 4 foot sizes.

Hydroponic grow box

LED Grow Box for any size grower.

Our Ghost Cabinet original grow box now comes with screw in LED light technology. This allows users to grow with the perfect spectrum needed without spending much on electric usage at all. Literally less than 5 dollars a month runs these personal grow cabinet systems.

With more and more grow light options and different ways to Light your garden, LED is at the forefront of growing technology. This is a industry where grow lights can get expensive, so we have sourced the most affordable in home grow LED lighting that we could get, by buying in bulk and inserting them intop our original hand made grow cabinets.

Forget about outdated technology and over priced grow systems that don’t produce nearly as much product as they claim.  Get growing for less with Unique-Hydroponics today.