What method of CBD intake is best for athletes?

What method of CBD intake is best for athletes?

Athletes are the ones who get most affected by chronic pain conditions. In some athletes, the impact of chronic pain is so severe that they might have to quit the activity. Whether it’s a workout or a competition, an athlete’s body goes through so much stress to the breaking point that they look out for anti-inflammatory or pain reliever drugs. CBD is an option that athletes are turning to for a healthy and durable option. CBD helps in improving athletic performance by increasing the healing process and inflammation without getting you high. It helps relieve chronic pain, muscle inflammation, control anxiety, and boost your mood.

Here is a list of CBD intake methods for athletes:1. Capsules

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You can include CBD capsules as a supplement in your daily lifestyle. Each capsule contains 10-25 mg of CBD and hence it’s easier to keep a track as compared to tinctures. The only drawback is, you can’t adjust your CBD dosage in capsule format as compared to tinctures. Consume it by swallowing one capsule with water. The cannabis strain Indica is good for daytime use and helps to treat muscle spasms, migraine etc. This strain is good for athletes as it is an excellent pain killer and gives a soothing effect.
2. Topical creams
CBD has amazing skin benefits and so, many brands have made CBD Topical creams. CBD can come in various forms like lotions and lip balms. You can apply these creams directly to your skin and it helps in reducing acne, is anti-ageing , joint-related issues, and provides pain relief.  Topicals can help reduce Inflammation such as arthritic joint pain or muscle aches. While buying CBD topical, check out the description and look for the terms encapsulation, nanotechnology or micellization as these kinds of topicals can carry the solution three layers deep into the skin. Apply this cream generously in the affected area.3. Oral Spray
CBD oral spray is a less-concentrated product. Its effective and absorption method is very quick. These sprays are normally 1-3 mg concentrated. If you are travelling then CBD oral spray is much convenient and very handy to use as compared to a tincture. It can be directly sprayed into your mouth depending on your daily requirement. After a strenuous workout, you can use it as a mouth freshener too, as it comes in various flavours like mixed berry, citrus, salted caramel etc.  
4. Tinctures

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Tinctures are the second purest form of applications of CBD. They are less concentrated than CBD oil as they are made of alcohol or vegetable glycerin-based cannabis extract. They are found in dropper bottles and are available in different concentrations. For consuming tincture, you can either mix it into your food/drink or you can simply put 2-3 drops under your tongue. One of the cons of tincture is, it’s not very handy and there is always a chance of spilling it. Don’t swallow it immediately but rather keep it under your tongue and cheeks for as long as you can.
5. Vaporizer

Vaping helps in faster absorption and seeing a quicker effect of the medication. When you smoke CBD, through your lungs, it directly gets into your bloodstream rather than getting through your digestive system. This results in faster relief from pain and inflammation. The best part of dabbing is you can easily adjust the vape oil according to the dosage you want to inhale. Investing in a good vape pen, e-cigarette or vaporizer is the best way to use CBD vape oil. Buy your Vape oil according to potency level. If you want a mild calming effect, then go for low potency oils, but if you have serious health conditions go for vape oils with high potency. Then add the vape oil, heat it and inhale through your device. These days, it’s available in various flavours that make vaping a lot more fun.6. CBD patches
An alternative to smoking or ingesting CBD is using a CBD patch. As athletes, you are always on the go. CBD patch is a good option for you. This patch adhesive in nature and is infused with CBD oils. To use, simply peel the patch and place it on the affected area of your skin. Your body heat helps to release and absorb CBD oil gradually into your bloodstream. It is very convenient and easy to use. Many athletes undergo certain medical conditions like surgery or trauma and due to its medication, they lose strength, low performance. Alternatively, you can also try involving safe steroids for recovery and muscle building like Anvar. Buy sarms canada, as it is a strong drug that enhances the performance of both male and female athletes. It helps in building lean muscle, maintaining a healthy weight, no gynecomastia etc.7. CBD chewing Gum

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CBD chewing gum is a subtle and easy way for your daily CBD usage. When you chew CBD gum, it releases CBD via your mouth’s mucous membranes, throat and into your bloodstream. Nowadays, CBD infused chewing gum like a mint flavour is also available that makes it taste yummy. 

CBD improves your overall well-being and helps you maintain your physique. It is a good way to increase your performance considerably without getting you high. Choose your CBD strain carefully and use it in the method you prefer.  You can also grow marijuana strains at your place with proper care. If you are a beginner in marijuana, do your research by going through free grow bible that describes the common mistakes while growing marijuana and how to avoid them.

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