Hydroponic Grow Cabinets for beginners.

Beginner grower and never tried hydroponics?

If you are new to the hydroponic growing world or just want to give another shot at growing in water, we have the system that can make you seem like you already know what your doing.

When using a system from unique-hydroponics, first thing you have is support.  By texting or calling us upon arrival, we can have you set up and planting in under 5 minutes guaranteed.  Within those 5 minutes you will plant your seeds inside the grow cubes that you will pre moisten by dunking in water.  Once sprouted, your plant will try and make its roots reach the water on its own, once they do, you will not have to worry about keeping the cube moist anymore.

roots growing into stealth grow box basin

Growing hydroponics inside a box is easier than most think.

Don’t get discouraged by endless information overload on what you should be doing with your grow.  There is a ton of different ways to grow hydroponically and we have outlined the easiest in our instructions page.

Once they reach 2 to 3 inches, it is time to add your nutrient mixture.  This is done by taking a flat teaspoon of your GROW nutrient, and mixing it in with a gallon of water.  By doing this, your making a diluted form of the extra strong powder given with box.  At this point of growth, start by adding about a quarter cup of the mix into it once every 5 days should be perfect.  Within a few weeks, you will start to have mini plants forming all around your grow cabinet.

Hydroponic tomato grow kit

Hydroponics growing troubleshooting made easy.

There’s a few easy ways to make sure you have the perfect ratio of nutrient feed.  In the beginning we suggest using an eighth of a cup even and take a look at the plants the next few days.  If the plants look great and green keep it up and feed same amount next in another two days.  If at anytime your plants look FADED GREEN YELLOW at the bottom of the plant, this is a sign that they could use another nutrient feeding.  If at anytime during your grow the plant looks BRIGHT YELLOW or BROWN but at top of plant, you have overdosed the plant with nutrient.  Fixing this can be done by doing a nutrient flush or empty the basin completely and refill with new water.  In about two days you can go ahead and start off at a normal dosage.

In time, you will perfect your feeding times and there is a slight learning curve to it but its all included in your hydroponic grow box kit.

Grow Cabinet Beginner Tomato Grow Kit

Specializing in personal sized grow cabinets only.


#1 in personal hydroponic grow box.

At unique hydroponics our specialty is providing only personal sized stealth grow cabinets.  We don’t really get involved with growing in warehouses or  outdoor which can get you caught on the wrong side of the law.  What we do well, is offer high quality but cheap priced grow boxes that will grow your favorite plants fast.  If you have been wondering about how to grow indoors and have never got to try it yet, we have the hydroponic grow cabinet you need to get growing.

Cheap cost, but high quality growing cabinets.

If you don’t feel like hurting yourself with power tools or messing around or maybe building stuff just is not your thing, you need to visit Unique Hydroponics.   We can help you get growing, and help with questions you may have upon receiving and attempting your beginner grow.  Check out some of our stealth grow systems today!

Number One in Mini Grow Box.

ghost mini

Unique Hydroponics originally set out for one thing, to be the most affordable personal sized mini grow box in the world.  With systems such as the aerogarden being the lone competitors back in 2008, we started off with the original Lowryder Grow Box.  At just 2 feet tall, this was a system patients could use to grow small plants in an enclosed system that was larger than a PC grow box.  PC grow boxes were just coming out back then, and we could not understand what all the hype was about.  With a PC case being well, small,  our lowryder grow box was a step above and beyond the PC grow box.

Since then we have expanded to a 3 and 4 foot grow box range, while still being specific on the smaller personal medical marijuana grower, looking to grow safely inside a stealth, furnished garden.  Whether a small personal grow using cfl inside one of our boxes or our highest yielding LED grow box, we have mini indoor garden for you.

If your in the market for a grow box, please be sure to check out our competitors grow boxes.
lowryder grow

More than a Cheap Grow Box.

Unique-Hydroponics isn’t just a cheap grow box.

Some customers call and wonder how were so much cheaper, they think we’re a scam, they can’t believe it for some reason.  We are real, but we are not going thru a middle man as other companies are is the only difference.  Some other hydroponics websites sell great equipment, some do not.  We try to only offer great growing equipment at a great price.

Volume of sales is key to our success.

With some hydroponic grow box companies, selling less high cost, high priced products is their key to success and selling to a smaller audience.  We at Unique-Hydroponics, make less money overall per unit, but have a factory of manufacturing boxes going on seven days a week.  This way, our grow box is cheap priced, at above standard quality levels.  We do this by manufacturing direct ourselves, as well as distributing nationwide thru our wholesale priced grow box webpage.

What am I buying in a hydroponic grow box?

Inside everyone of our hydroponic grow box packages, you will receive everything necessary to grow an amazing garden from home.  Included in every package is all necessary lighting, growing and flowering nutrients, co2 tablets, grow medium and a full hydroponics kit including grow medium, net pots, and pump system.  Now is the time to get growing for the spring overload starts, get yourself one of our cheap grow box packages today.

Grow tents and hydroponic grow boxes.


Now available, grow tents and our staple hydroponic grow boxes on one page.  The time is now to get growing , either for winter cycle or vegetating for future outdoor flowering, there has never been a better time.  Included in our hydroponic grow boxes is everything you will need to get growing from home.  These systems are full turn key indoor gardens and all you will have to add is seeds.  When researching which grow box cabinet is right for you, our page is the perfect place to start, and end your decision.

At unique hydroponics, we discovered that not everyone wants a personal grow, and were tackling the new ideas with extra large grow tents.  These tents are large than any hydroponic grow box we offer and truly will allow users to go past our traditional boxes in yields.  If your looking to literally grow pounds of tomatoes instead of ounces, a hydroponic grow tent will do the job for you.  Stealth grow tents are a new idea and have been producing pounds for people since their invention.  The only downside is it is not a hard piece of furniture like our grow boxes are.

If your looking to grow either a small grow or for personal use, a hydroponic grow box cabinet from us will do an amazing job.  Now if your looking for pounds of plant matter per harvest, a grow tent is the only option for extra heavy yields.

Growing hydroponic plants inside a box

Growing hydroponic plants inside a box is easier than most think.

When it comes to Hydroponic gardening many users are scared of such talk.  The truth is hydroponics can be done easily at home using one of our Hydroponic Growth systems.  Inside every cabinet purchased is a full set of everything needed to grow from start to finish inside a box.  Every grow box for sale is covered by a lifetime warranty and include stealth free shipping.  If your sick of paying top dollar for your fruits and vegetables it may be time to consider purchasing a hydroponic grow box.



Quality medical grow boxes with proven results.

At Unique Hydroponics, making a high quality grow box is our number one thing we do.  We make sure the box is tested, inspected, and made to grow.  With such cabinets as the lowryder deluxe being a perfect vegetable box up to the yield machine max led grow box.  This system, above all others, is our highest yielding grow box.  This cabinet, at half the cost of similar grow cabinets, uses 180w UFO led grow light and full turn key hydroponics systems.  Below out some shots of it in action.

If you are in the market to grow your own plants,  this is a great place to start.  Our systems are beginner friendly, and we provide unlimited grow support for as long as you need.  With a hydroponic grow box kit from us, you will be able to grow massive personal plants without the high monthly costs associated with larger grow room setups.  Ledgrowbox

Every grow box is on sale now.

Every Grow Box on Sale !

From now until the new year, every grow box is on sale.  Full hydroponic growing systems available at discounted prices.  Use code 35off this weekend, and get an additional 35$ off already on sale prices.  We have last batch of 2014 cabinets all going out before the new year.  To make room for new stock,  all hydroponic grow boxes are discounted like never before seen.

Act now,  and receive hydroponic grow support as long as you need it included free.  A lot of hydroponic grow box pages offer some decent options.  Then, to receive exactly what you want winds up being even more costly, and expensive.  Sure if it’s the exact grow box you want than by all means go for it.  We have nothing against other grow box suppliers, but we are here to offer the best grow box deal you can find.

Hydroponic grow cabinets that perform.

Out grow cabinets are designed to perform as we’ll as competitors grow cabinets or better for hundreds of dollars less.  Here is why, we manufacturer and sell our own systems, from a workshop warehouse in nj in which we build everything ourselves.  The hydroponic grow boxes we offer are high quality as we can , and install them with the perfect features needed for a garden.  We package, store, and ship our cabinets worldwide from here in New Jersey.  We work with local stores to get the best lumber, up to date hardware,  paint, and electronic equipment available while also help adding to the local economy.  If you want a solid team of guys to get you growing in the right direction for years to come, we believe we are the best option anywhere.

If your in the market for a hydroponic grow box or soil grow cabinet, look no further than Unique-Hydroponics.

Why buy a hydroponic grow box?

Why buy a hydroponic grow box?

With our hydroponic grow box packages, growing from your home has never been easier.  Many users may enjoy the benefits or growing outdoors at times, but nothing is better than growing year round.  With a hydroponic grow box, this can finally be done.  A lot of patients across the country are coming to realization that this medicine is best.  The problem is, that the medicine is tough to get at an affordable price.  This is where owning your own hydroponic grow box becomes a no brainier.  Sure, if you have the tools and want to get your hands dirty something to grow plants can be achieved on your own.  But if you want a fully assembled, fully covered under warranty grow system, we have you covered here at unique hydroponics.   We provide grow kits that even a beginner can grow succesfully with.  Many first time growers have succesfully grown nice plants in our grow boxes all using the included self watering hydroponics systems included.  It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore at the doctor, now is the time to take advantage of our discount grow box prices and get starter on your own personal indoor garden. Check out all of our hydroponic grow boxes today.


Kush Cabinet grow box review.


Kush cabinet grow box review.

One of our cool customers has updated us with how his kush cabinet is growing for his medical grow.  This user is using the 3 foot kush cabinet grow box.  In this turn key hydroponic grow cabinet.  He has recently entered the flowering stage and is already showing signs of perfect medicine.  The kush cabinet grow box review is tough to find info on the internet but this is a legitimate medical grow going very well as seen below.  With flowers already producing and plenty of room left over for more growth, it seems the cabinet has done it’s intended purpose in great fashion.  If your in the market for a grow box and have seen the cash crop grow box before, this is ours, the original version that came out years before their copied, overpriced grow box.  View our page anytime and see why this kush cabinet grow box review is just the tip of the iceberg on our grow box capabilities.



New Yield Machine Led Grow Box is a customer favorite at Unique-Hydroponics.

  Bigger Yields in Our Greatly Reviewed LED Grow Box.

Our new Yield Machine Max 4 foot LED grow box may be our best release, ever.  With the personal grower looking for high yields at affordable prices in mind, we have released the Yield Machine Max Grow Box.  This Growing system does it all, from seed to harvest easily inside a self cooled, ventilated grow box system.  With our best seller still being the Kush Cabinet Stealth Grow Box because of its low cost and great growing capabilities, the Yield Machine has now moved into second most popular.

Beginner to advanced users can thrive in our hydro grow cabinets.

Whether your a beginner or a more seasoned grower, using our hydroponic grow box is a breeze.  We specifically make them so even if you have never grown before, you can succeed in our grow box.  The Yield Machine Max Grow Box uses full spectrum LED technology with 60 x 3 watt led’s for highly penetrating light power to your plants while keeping electrical costs down.  This light will mimic yields previously un heard of without using expensive HID lighting.  This unit will allow users to literally grow from seed to harvest inside one of our systems.  If your in the market for a way to grow indoors and high yield is important without breaking the bank account, there is no better choice out there than the Yield Machine Max Grow Box.  Purchase one today and pay for itself within the first harvest Guaranteed!

LED Grow box