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Any questions you have ask away below. Share your grow secrets, photos, and help fellow micro growers in our new plant Grow Forum.

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      Users are welcome to post their own microgrow photos and knowledge here.   Offer or find ways to maximize your stealth grow while staying safe and growing for personal needs.  Start your own thread today!
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Customer grows in action view here.

Need immediate assistance, questions for first time growers or to purchase? Email us here.

Text or call 856-994-2778 also if needed.

TEXT 856-994-2778 for any questions.
Please feel free to start a log on your grow on above board,or ask questions to other growers and us.  Text us at 856-994-2778, or email at

We are not a bs company that takes months to receive your product like other sites out there. We are three guys working around the clock daily to produce these cabinets at internet low costs, if it wasn’t for fraud losses and shipping costs they would be even cheaper but this is the lowest cost cabinets we can possibly sell thru the internet. Unless you build your own cabinet which is just fine, you won’t get a better deal on a hydroponic grow system.  But, with our units, expect to have a backing behind parts and product defects or parts in future, unlike you will get after constructing your own from parts you purchase on own. We believe it’s well worth it for most buyers who aren’t happy to build their own, and we wont be unsdersold. If your not happy, we will have it picked back up and receive refund, and I’ll do it without a restocking fee because 99% of our buyers love their product so im good with this offering. Thanks and contact us with any questions today.

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