More than a Cheap Grow Box.

Unique-Hydroponics isn’t just a cheap grow box.

Some customers call and wonder how were so much cheaper, they think we’re a scam, they can’t believe it for some reason.  We are real, but we are not going thru a middle man as other companies are is the only difference.  Some other hydroponics websites sell great equipment, some do not.  We try to only offer great growing equipment at a great price.

Volume of sales is key to our success.

With some hydroponic grow box companies, selling less high cost, high priced products is their key to success and selling to a smaller audience.  We at Unique-Hydroponics, make less money overall per unit, but have a factory of manufacturing boxes going on seven days a week.  This way, our grow box is cheap priced, at above standard quality levels.  We do this by manufacturing direct ourselves, as well as distributing nationwide thru our wholesale priced grow box webpage.

What am I buying in a hydroponic grow box?

Inside everyone of our hydroponic grow box packages, you will receive everything necessary to grow an amazing garden from home.  Included in every package is all necessary lighting, growing and flowering nutrients, co2 tablets, grow medium and a full hydroponics kit including grow medium, net pots, and pump system.  Now is the time to get growing for the spring overload starts, get yourself one of our cheap grow box packages today.