Frequently Asked Questions

Will my grow box really grow?

Yes, every single one of our grow boxes will perform exactly as we claim.  We have been producing personal sized grow cabinets since 2008 with thousands of happy customers and repeat buyers.  We include the right spectrum of grow lights and inside the box is set up to provide perfect growing conditions. We accomplish this by using and intake and an exaust fan in every grow system we produce.  This allows cooler air to be drawn into the plants leaves at the bottom half of box and hotter air from lighting gets removed out of the higher part of the box.  The hydroponics kit included will let users go from literally a seed to a full sized plant in under two months.  This is quicker to harvest time than traditional outdoor growing methods.  From our Ghost Mini to larger cabinets we offer, they all will let someone with zero gardening experience get beautiful plants indoors.  Our system is backed by a warranty so if is broken upon arrival can return for refund free. User grows below.

hydroponic pepper box

Your grow boxes seem cheaper than most competitors, are they cheaper quality?

No, if you own a cash crop or similar I’d bet even at the purchase price it is better quality.  Our cabinets are the same ones we have been selling for over 5 years.  Literally use the same material if not better than copy look a like systems.  We use the best materials we can to offer a very high quality, but lower cost product.  Our smaller cabinets will not produce as much as a $3000 Supercloset, they are nice cabinets, but not in our target grower market.  But our cabinets do an amazing job at growing for their size, and we sell to the personal grower.  I do believe if anyone invested that kind of money into multiple orders of our Yield Machine Max 4 foot grow box, our products would outproduce one larger, higher cost unit as each of ours use high powered LED lighting also.

We use good stuff, and constantly try to stay ahead of the lower end copies that have popped up duplicating our personal sized systems.  These units are of lesser quality and most of the times a higher priced than ours.  In a nutshell, here is why, our webpage does not spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising.  Since we try and stay more eastern coast, use word of mouth, and make sure all of our customers are extremely happy with their indoor grow cabinets, we have been able to lower the need for high costs advertising.  This leaves more room for us to make a quality box, at an affordable price.  There’s no way a company spending thousands of dollars a month in hightimes and everywhere else will be able to compete with our lower cost of doing business.  This has been our model and still is today, pleasing as many customers as we can in the personal sized grow box market.  We specialize in one man, medical, and even traditional indoor organic growing.  We will challenge any copy box to a grow off and send you the box to do it with. We are happy and confident in our lower cost hydroponic cabinets.

How do I know my order is safe and legal?

There’s nothing illegal about your purchase.  We have many customers who actually grow tomatoes and use their systems for whatever they please to.  What we know is that they can grow beautiful plants indoors, even if have never grown before.  Our site is secure and managed by Paypal, an Ebay company.  You’ve probably heard of paypal before and what they do is allow people to safely make purchases on the web without using any of their financial information out in public.  You can select Paypal as an option if you like just like you would using a site like ebay.  Our webpage also accept credit, debit, or pre-paid debit cards. Your information is safe and securely accepted thru our server and not stored, your cabinet will also be shipped securely and safely in a stealth brown box.  No one will know what your receiving except you.  We ship thru FedEx in the continental USA.  Your record on your statement will also show as Owners name “john meehan” when you purchase, not anything to do with “hydroponics”.  You will receive your grow cabinet in 7 to 10 days from order time, and the purchase is fully covered under our hydroponic grow box warranty.

Can I buy now and pay payments?

We currently offer ways that users can set up small payments to us when they want to by calling 856-994-2778.  Once your amount is paid in full over time, we can ship it out to you next day.  Once you start to make payments toward it we pull a box and keep it aside with your name on it, like a layaway program.

We also have an options for users to put nothing down and get your box.  This is done by using Paypal Credit at checkout screen.  To attempt to purchase thru paypal credit, you must select “paypal” as an option at checkout even if you do not have a paypal account.  On the following screen, you will be prompted to sign in or below that option shall be ” apply for paypal credit”.  Doing so will allow you to answer a few questions and see if you qualify, it only takes mintues and if you do your purchase will come thru to us immediately.  Then over time, you will deal thru paypal as a monthly payment option is settled thru you and paypal, starting at $20 a month.

*Everything needed to grow is included with every grow box seen and orders will be received in 7-10 days.

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