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Our hydroponic grow boxes are the best priced, highest quality indoor gardens anywhere.  These are top 4 selling units,  all are low on electric usage and grow great.  LED is highest yielding, using low heat 3 w LEDs up  to 5w LED in 300w lights and higher.  Price seen is price paid, shipping and handling included in price.

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With our lifetime warranty and free shipping, your hydro grow cabinet is truly risk free.

We can do this because we know it will grow, and Choose from one of our categories for the type of product you are looking for. We have choices for indoor soil grow boxes in which you add your own soil and grow inside our indoor garden cabinet. We also have hydroponic versions in which a full hydroponic system is fixed inside your indoor cabinet and acts as a all in one personal growing system. We also offer grow lights and combination packages in which multiple grow boxes can be bought in one lower priced package. Our hydro grow cabinets all come equipped with many options, including intake and exhaust fans, hydroponics deep water culture systems, growing and flowering stage nutrients, and a complete kit. Includes net pots, grodan grow cubes, and 6 months of CO2 enhancing tablets. Our boxes also come with stock with a odor eliminator helping carbon filter, which also acts a light block in the rear where the fan holes are.

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Save a fortune in costs of your favorite fruits and vegetables, you will now be able to grow year round in a grow cabinet.