Grow Cheap
  • The Ultimate Kush Cabinet. Best Hydroponic Grow Box For Under 500$ anywhere.   Compete indoor garden solutions for beginners to advanced growers.

  • Every Hydroponic Grow Box we offer comes with the following items:

  • 3 Growing and 3 Flowering Grow lights and or UFO LED Grow light in LED grow boxes only. 6 months Growing and then Flowering Nutrients !

  • Hydroponic systems with attached pump, bubbler, tubing, and net pots. Also includes growing cube- grow medium to fit your selected system.

  • Intake and Exhaust fan with Carbon Filtration on exhaust for better airflow and air cleaning odor removal. Both are covered for light leak also.

  • Hiflect double insulated Interior provides better than mylar insulating qualities to protect against humidity as well as maximum light reflection.

  • 6 Months worth of CO2 carbon dioxide enhancers. (no add on price) now included FREE.

  • Full Instructions and lifetime grow support , we will ship in plain box in a stealth manner.

Plug and Play Grow cabinet, unpack, plant seeds in minutes, even a beginner will succeed or your money back!