Grow tents and hydroponic grow boxes.


Now available, grow tents and our staple hydroponic grow boxes on one page.  The time is now to get growing , either for winter cycle or vegetating for future outdoor flowering, there has never been a better time.  Included in our hydroponic grow boxes is everything you will need to get growing from home.  These systems are full turn key indoor gardens and all you will have to add is seeds.  When researching which grow box cabinet is right for you, our page is the perfect place to start, and end your decision.

At unique hydroponics, we discovered that not everyone wants a personal grow, and were tackling the new ideas with extra large grow tents.  These tents are large than any hydroponic grow box we offer and truly will allow users to go past our traditional boxes in yields.  If your looking to literally grow pounds of tomatoes instead of ounces, a hydroponic grow tent will do the job for you.  Stealth grow tents are a new idea and have been producing pounds for people since their invention.  The only downside is it is not a hard piece of furniture like our grow boxes are.

If your looking to grow either a small grow or for personal use, a hydroponic grow box cabinet from us will do an amazing job.  Now if your looking for pounds of plant matter per harvest, a grow tent is the only option for extra heavy yields.