Growing Herbs in our Hydroponics systems.

Growing herbs in our hydroponic systems is truly easier than people usually think. There’s no need to be discouraged about hydro growing being hard anymore. Times have changed and our hydroponic are set up in a way that even a beginner can grow inside our cabinets. Take a look at our Lowryder grow box for instance, it’s only two feet tall and compact design allows easy herb growth in a matter of weeks. Take a step up to our top selling Kush Cabinet and yields will be even more than the Lowryder box. These are our two longest available boxes, but now we have a lot more options available to future growers. If your looking to grow great yielding herbs inside your home with little electricity increases, we have a system for you. We guarantee you’ll be able to grow your own beautiful plants indoors even with no prior experience. Our hydroponic systems use deep water culture hydro, causing massive oxygen flow directly to your plants roots. From there, you sparingly add our plant food that is included and before you know it you’ll have a mini jungle inside your cabinet. Get growing now inside one of our stealth grow boxes now.

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