Growing on the cheap inside one of our boxes

A lot of people may be skeptical out there with thoughts like, “will this thing really grow?” The answer is yes, this cabinet will provide plants that you want quickly after you start using it. We recommend starting out with something smaller if your skeptical, like our Lowryder Grow box. Get used to growing indoors and reap the benefits of starting up a grow for cheap. A lot of users are now coming back after successfully growing in one of our smaller cabinets and now have it as a vegetation chamber aside one of our newer larger cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with starting out small, and working your way up.  If your worried about this, don’t be.  We specifically designed it over 5 years ago to work for anyone, including beginners.  We’ve even had successful grows done by kids growing real tomatoes and broccoli.  We know these cabinets work, and we stand behind them with a full warranty because of it.  If your unsure if taking the next step will work for you, trust me, it will.  Take a look at our hydroponic grow box page now and checkout one of our starter packages.

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