Hydroponic grow box Gardening for Beginners.

Beginner hydroponic grow box.

A lot of customers we receive are beginner growers.  Whether its your first grow or hundredth grow, the same principles can be used to grow great inside our hydroponic boxes.  We start with the simple state of filling the basin with plain water up to the bottom of the net pots.  This allows your planted seeds to not be over watered and once they start growing they will strive toward the water.  This is basically hydroponic growing in a nutshell.  This type of growing allows your plant roots to uptake their nutrients directly from the water, and is even faster than traditional soil growing.

The next step in your hydroponic grow box will be to make sure you have germinated your seeds, and push them one quarter inch down into the rock wool cubes.  From there, i usually leave the hydroponic system off for one day.  Then it begins the 18 hours light schedule followed by 6 hours off.  This grow cycle is exactly what you want for newly sprouted plants.  Keep this regimen going until your plants reach about halfway up the grow box you are using.

This is the way you will go about your entire grow until flowering stage, in which you will change nutrients and change time on to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, which will promote beautiful flowering.  The only other thing needed is your plant feeding schedule to make sure your beginner grow box grow works.  Take a teaspoon of our growing nutrient , and add it to a gallon of water on the side.  This will be your nutrient mix and should be used as 1/8th of a cup into the basin every 4 or 5 days.  This is the most important step of your grow box grow because your plants are going to crave nutrients once they reach about 3 or 4 inches high.  Warning, do not add any nutrients until plants have reached about 2 inches tall.  Doing so may cause to much feeding when the plant is still young and very fragile.

For any questions on your beginner hydroponic grow box grow, let us know today, and we’ll be glad to assist you in your next grow.