Hydroponic Grow Cabinets for beginners.

Beginner grower and never tried hydroponics?

If you are new to the hydroponic growing world or just want to give another shot at growing in water, we have the system that can make you seem like you already know what your doing.

When using a system from unique-hydroponics, first thing you have is support.  By texting or calling us upon arrival, we can have you set up and planting in under 5 minutes guaranteed.  Within those 5 minutes you will plant your seeds inside the grow cubes that you will pre moisten by dunking in water.  Once sprouted, your plant will try and make its roots reach the water on its own, once they do, you will not have to worry about keeping the cube moist anymore.

roots growing into stealth grow box basin

Growing hydroponics inside a box is easier than most think.

Don’t get discouraged by endless information overload on what you should be doing with your grow.  There is a ton of different ways to grow hydroponically and we have outlined the easiest in our instructions page.

Once they reach 2 to 3 inches, it is time to add your nutrient mixture.  This is done by taking a flat teaspoon of your GROW nutrient, and mixing it in with a gallon of water.  By doing this, your making a diluted form of the extra strong powder given with box.  At this point of growth, start by adding about a quarter cup of the mix into it once every 5 days should be perfect.  Within a few weeks, you will start to have mini plants forming all around your grow cabinet.

Hydroponic tomato grow kit

Hydroponics growing troubleshooting made easy.

There’s a few easy ways to make sure you have the perfect ratio of nutrient feed.  In the beginning we suggest using an eighth of a cup even and take a look at the plants the next few days.  If the plants look great and green keep it up and feed same amount next in another two days.  If at anytime your plants look FADED GREEN YELLOW at the bottom of the plant, this is a sign that they could use another nutrient feeding.  If at anytime during your grow the plant looks BRIGHT YELLOW or BROWN but at top of plant, you have overdosed the plant with nutrient.  Fixing this can be done by doing a nutrient flush or empty the basin completely and refill with new water.  In about two days you can go ahead and start off at a normal dosage.

In time, you will perfect your feeding times and there is a slight learning curve to it but its all included in your hydroponic grow box kit.

Grow Cabinet Beginner Tomato Grow Kit