Hydroponic growing from home is fun and fast

Everyone loves growing in the spring and summer.  The look of those ripe tomatoes growing rapidly doesn’t have to wait for only two seasons anymore.  With our hydroponic cabinets, growing indoors is easier and faster than ever.  Starting with our lowryder grow box, vegetation is done quickly and easily in our small starter box.  Moving forward to some of our bigger systems come into our kush cabinet series of boxes.  With 3 and 4 foot sizes, these cabinets are equipped to grow from seed to harvest.  Our 6 plant versions are great, but our 9 plant 20 quart systems are truly a force for indoor growing.  My favorite of all is the Ultimate Kush cabinet, its a monster of a box yielding massive plants in a medium sized cabinet.  If your looking for maximum yield without a dramatically high price tag, this is the box for you. Take your favorite grows and start them up year round and never miss another harvest,

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