Instruction Printout

Thanks for purchasing your indoor stealth grow box, its easy to operate, and fun to use!

1. Take contents out of box, so that just hydroponic system is on bottom and plug into pump.  Fill water to bottom of net pots.

2. Soak grow discs in bowl of water, for 5 minutes, they will expand and soften, plant seed in them once soaked.   Fill water to bottom of net pots, paper towel germination is recommended for fastest sprouts.

Keep dark for 24 to 48 hours once seeds are planted, should start to see something sprouting usually by then, then start your light schedule.   18 Hours on, 6 hours off is good starting point.

3. After about 2″-3″ of growth, mix 1 heavy Teaspoon of nutrients in a gallon of water as a side mixture. This will be your nutrients that you will pour into your hydroponics system once weekly, same with flowering nutrients but not used until flower stage,

4. Every 5-7 days pour in some nutrient mixture (about 1/8-1/4 cup)into the basin,(can pour directly on cubes.) Less is better than more, especially when very small.  They will still grow, experiment when plant is nice and healthy how high you want to dose it, but take it easy and never go to heavy early on.

We like to add quarter cup on Saturday and top off with plain water every Wednesday.

5. Getting them through the 2 to 4 inch is hardest part of most users grows, but should go easy, and start growing very rapidly from then on.  Be patient in beginning with seeds.

Roots will grow into basin, they will strive to get there so no need to overfill basin to keep cubes wet, keep water levels about quarter inch away.

Basic Plant Growing Instruction Plan

1 teaspoon of dry mix per gallon of water,(mix, shake bottle) .
Then pour nutrients one eighth to plants weekly, after a few inches of growth.
Liquid Nutrient Plan
1 teaspoon of grow
half teaspoon of micro.
Mix both into a gallon of water, this will be your nutrient mix.
Use this once per week pouring a quarter cup from gallon into water filled basin. We usually do this after a weekly water change.

SuperGrow Veg stage method= 18 Hours on, 6 off

Flowering Plan- 12 on. 12 off

More tips  On Growing Hydroponic for first time.


If bottom leaves are a faded green to yellow this is a sure sign to add more nutrients.

If plants are brown or yellow  elsewhere on the plant, this means you’ve added too much nutrients and should discontinue use and refill water plain for a few days before continuing nutrients.

Don’t overuse nutrients, best results achieved with bottled water. Change water weekly followed by nutrient feeding. Main goal is to keep your basin clean as possible throughout your grow so you wont have to disturb it to often.

Grow in vegetative stage until your about halfway up box if doing full grow inside one box. Then switch to flowering stage, allowing room to fully develop.

Your grow box is great for cloning, simply apply gel to cutting and insert into grow cube, wait 1-2 weeks for sufficient root growth and use you grow bulbs 18 on, 6 off.

CO2 Tablets use half tablet per week into basin about 4 weeks into grow on.

Cover any holes not using always, using foam, tape, anything to cover the light hitting water which will increase algae growth.

Training and Plant problems links below.

Germination of seeds and planting.

Training techniques and topping plants in smaller grows.

Plant sickness issues and possible problems solved.

Male vs. female plant tutorial

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