Kush Cabinet grow box review.


Kush cabinet grow box review.

One of our cool customers has updated us with how his kush cabinet is growing for his medical grow.  This user is using the 3 foot kush cabinet grow box.  In this turn key hydroponic grow cabinet.  He has recently entered the flowering stage and is already showing signs of perfect medicine.  The kush cabinet grow box review is tough to find info on the internet but this is a legitimate medical grow going very well as seen below.  With flowers already producing and plenty of room left over for more growth, it seems the cabinet has done it’s intended purpose in great fashion.  If your in the market for a grow box and have seen the cash crop grow box before, this is ours, the original version that came out years before their copied, overpriced grow box.  View our page anytime and see why this kush cabinet grow box review is just the tip of the iceberg on our grow box capabilities.