Medical Marijuana Grow Boxes are Safe and effective.

Tons of patients need their medicine now in the USA.  Legal medicinal growers are popping up all over now that they don’t have to be threatened like criminals to smoke a little meds.  Let’s be honest though, even the medicinal prices are thru the roof.  I think it ashame, but the safest way around these high taxed medicines is to legally grow your own.  Below, a medical user tries the Yield Machine Grow Box for his first medicinal legal grow, and it’s looking great.

Led medical grow box.

Its safe and easy even if your a first time grower to grow some plants from home.  Using ours or any type of grow cabinet out there, patients as well as organic fruit and vegetable enthusiasts are happy to grow their own product and know exactly what their consuming.

A lot of people are skeptical of the grow cabinets out there, and with good reason.  There are some very nice options out there that do a great job growing i’m sure, but we are yet to see a better buy than the Yield Machine Max 4 foot Led Grow box.  This cabinet is very large grow area without taking up to much room and uses a very small energy footprint.  I truly would bet its the highest yielding grow cabinet on the internet for the price, anywhere.  With 3×60 watt leds, users can grow with 180 watts of full spectrum led power.  That full spectrum power has double the spectrum needed for a real sunlight grow, just alter your schedule from 18 hours on to 12 on in flowering of any fruits, veggies, or herbs flower cycle.

legal medical grow from California patient.

If growing hydroponics for the first time of a seasoned pro, take a loot at what our hydroponic grow boxes can do for your next organic grow.  We provide growing help, full istructions sheet on how to sprout and grow plants correctly, so go ahead and get growing now.