New LED Grow Cabinets in 2, 3, and 4 foot sizes.

Hydroponic grow box

LED Grow Box for any size grower.

Our Ghost Cabinet original grow box now comes with screw in LED light technology. This allows users to grow with the perfect spectrum needed without spending much on electric usage at all. Literally less than 5 dollars a month runs these personal grow cabinet systems.

With more and more grow light options and different ways to Light your garden, LED is at the forefront of growing technology. This is a industry where grow lights can get expensive, so we have sourced the most affordable in home grow LED lighting that we could get, by buying in bulk and inserting them intop our original hand made grow cabinets.

Forget about outdated technology and over priced grow systems that don’t produce nearly as much product as they claim.  Get growing for less with Unique-Hydroponics today.