New Yield Machine Led Grow Box is a customer favorite at Unique-Hydroponics.

  Bigger Yields in Our Greatly Reviewed LED Grow Box.

Our new Yield Machine Max 4 foot LED grow box may be our best release, ever.  With the personal grower looking for high yields at affordable prices in mind, we have released the Yield Machine Max Grow Box.  This Growing system does it all, from seed to harvest easily inside a self cooled, ventilated grow box system.  With our best seller still being the Kush Cabinet Stealth Grow Box because of its low cost and great growing capabilities, the Yield Machine has now moved into second most popular.

Beginner to advanced users can thrive in our hydro grow cabinets.

Whether your a beginner or a more seasoned grower, using our hydroponic grow box is a breeze.  We specifically make them so even if you have never grown before, you can succeed in our grow box.  The Yield Machine Max Grow Box uses full spectrum LED technology with 60 x 3 watt led’s for highly penetrating light power to your plants while keeping electrical costs down.  This light will mimic yields previously un heard of without using expensive HID lighting.  This unit will allow users to literally grow from seed to harvest inside one of our systems.  If your in the market for a way to grow indoors and high yield is important without breaking the bank account, there is no better choice out there than the Yield Machine Max Grow Box.  Purchase one today and pay for itself within the first harvest Guaranteed!

LED Grow box