Economy White LED Easy Indoor Grow Box

Lowest cost LED grow box anywhere in the world. Check out the new economy series and get growing for less now.

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Pure Economy LED Grow Cabinet in water-resistant white.  A Basic, easy to use beginner indoor grow box.

Based on the popular Ghost Pro LED Grow Cabinet, this combines the LED power of the Pro with an economy exterior waterproof white  interior, instead of traditional insulation and waterproof tape.  See Ghost series for that.

Box is made of oak plywood and painted white with exterior waterproof paint inside and out for high reflection, mold resistant cabinet body.

Larger fans, intake and exhaust as in ghost pro led boxes, larger than cfl boxes.

36” tall, 15.75” wide, 9” deep.

Included is:

Full self cooled Cabinet with intake and exhaust fans.

150 or 360  watt LED full spectrum light.  (150 is already plenty for this grow area size)

2 plant full DWC hydroponic system, with net pots, grow cubes, pump, bubbler, and tubing.

CO2 Enhancing Tablets

Full Grows worth of General Hydroponics Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom plant nutrients.

Power source for pump and light inside box.

Lockable spring loaded latches with neoprene weather seal contains all possible leaks at door.

Dual layer carbon filters included on rear covering fans.

Full color brochure for beginners and full Grow support included in every purchase.

This box will grow very similar to our Ghost Pro series boxes, and better than our Ghost Cabinet CFL box .  It may not be completely as pretty, but will do a nice job for any personal Grow and out grow CFL lighting every time.  Grab our Economy LED box today and get growing for less.

Everything is included to grow except seeds.





Additional information

LED Power

150 W LED, 360 W LED