General Hydroponics Flora Series 3 Part Hydroponic Growing Nutrients


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Hydroponic Grow Box Nutrients

Used in our Yield Machine LED grow  boxes, rated a top producer among local growing tests.
The Flora Series is a three-part building block system that enables your customer to custom-blend a formula based on type of plant and phase of growth. The Flora Series provides a unique combination of mineral nutrients and state-of-the-art organic chelates developed by Dr. Cal Herrmann of the University of California Water Technology Center. Mix special formulas for starting cuttings or seedlings, foliar feeding or other specialized needs. Excellent for use in all growing media, including rockwool, Hydroton clay aggregate, soil and aeroponics. Indoors or out, for the beginning or advanced customer. Check out the new GH feeding schedules to maximize nutrient use.
(1) Flora Gro Pint
(1)Flora Bloom Pint
(1)Flora Micro Pint.
That is 16oz of each mixture, plenty for multiple grows, only use 1 teaspoon diluted in a gallon of water at a time.
Will work great in any of our hydroponic grow boxes.   Extremely nice growth.   Price includes free shipping to USA only.