Ghost Pro Max LED Grow Box


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360W LED and double the airflow than original Ghost Cabinet Pro.

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The New Ghost Pro Max LED Grow Box

The most possible yield inside a personal sized cabinet of this size.

This unit uses our best selling Ghost Cabinet and Ghost Pro cabinet frame, and puts it to the Max, with double the airflow and 360 w ufo LED lighting.

  • Double intake fans lined up vertically to strengthen plant along its life cycle, speeding up growth, and thickening stems.  Other boxes out there with no intake fans and only an exhaust will never grow as well as this setup, period.

  • Double exhaust fans to pull out warm air and let the intake fans below recirculate at maximum rate.

  • 36″ tall, 16″ wide, 9.” deep.(4 foot same but 48″ tall)

  • Most power ever available in a cabinet this size,   a 216 W Full Spectrum Led Grow light.  This allows best flower quality, resin production, and yield for a cabinet of this size ever seen before.  Led light can be maneuvered to lower or raise on its own.

  • 6 Plant DWC Hydroponic System. Includes net pots, grow cubes, pump, tubing, and oxygenating bubbler.( We Recommend growing 2 for maximum yields, 6 for cloning/vegging and transfer)

  • Grows worth of Maxi Gro and Maxi Bloom by General Hydroponics nutrients.

  • Grows worth of CO2 Enhancing tablets

  • Digital Timer

  • Lockable spring loaded latches for best light seal and strength.

  • Stock dual layer odor carbon filter on rear covers anything in and out of cabinet and blocks unwanted light in.

  • Instruction Brochure, including germination, weekly schedule, and tips.

  • Same day grow help by email, web chat, or phone at 856-994-2778.

This unit will outperform our own Ghost Cabinet($299) and Ghost Pro Cabinets($369+), only the Yield Machine Max ($554+) growing more than this box.

This unit will Most Definitely grow more than the Cash Crop 3 foot grow box,  at less cost to you, with literally 10X the LED grow light power. Their model includes 20W led grow light, and ours includes 360W Led Grow Light.  We recommend 2 plants at a time for full harvest, 6 plant version is more for cloning, vegetation only.

Guaranteed to outperform and grow better than  the competition in same price range.  Money Back Guarantee, our units are proven to perform, some user photos can be viewed here.

You will not need a thing besides seeds to get growing, all orders received within 6-10 days Max and ship plain brown box through FedEx Ground.

LED and Timer arrive in separate foam package.



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3 foot tall, 4 foot tall

Plant Sites

2 plant (full harvest), 6 plant (cloning)