Jiffy Pellet Refill Pack of 50



50 x 42mm nice size Grow medium.  Fits perfect in any 2″ net pot including all of our grow systems.
50 Jiffy 7- 42mm peat pellets. These pellets measure 42mm in diameter and about 8 mm thick.

Just put a few seeds in each pellet and add water. The peat pellets expand into a self contained soil container held together thin netting. .
When soaked in water, these Jiffy pellets expand to significantly to 1.75″ dia x 1.75″ tall when fully expanded, creating an all-in-one seed starting system.
Jiffy pellets are the all natural approach to plant propagation. They come pre-formed and ready for planting, simply expand with water.
Jiffy peat pellets are the ideal choice for indoors seed starting. The soft walled pellets allow plant roots to naturally air prune as they emerge through the pellet.
Jiffy 7 peat pellets are a consistent seed starting medium that is optimized for propagation and root development.

We have tested these vs. grodan rockwool and believe this to be superior in ours and friends hydroponic test grows, they hold more moisture when need to, when young plants or cloning or full a full out seed to harvest hydro grow, here is a 50 pack.