Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow Box

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New Updated grow light in 150w version.

This is a 3 foot tall,  personal sized 6 plant hydroponic grow box.  This compares  to the Cash Crop 4.0 grow box(495$ for 3 foot same size box with less power and fans) we call ours the Ghost Cabinet.

This is a proven, beginner friendly hydroponic grow box.  This stealth grow cabinet comes with everything you will need to grow except seeds.  Lowest price $299  is for USA buyers including free shipping.  That’s including fedex discreet shipping within 7-10 day arrival time, quicker than any other site in the world.

Choose the UFO LED lighting option with larger fans for the best yielding, highest quality grow.

3 feet tall, 16″ wide, 9″ deep


Ghost Cabinet w/ 150 w LED now includes newest updgraded light equipped with COB led as well as full spectrum LEDs.

We have sold over 20,000 grow boxes in last 7 years with a 99% customer satisfaction to return ratio.

View our videos page to see our originals from 2009 and they have came a long way since to what you see now. The Ghost Cabinet  uses a similar hydroponics system as our smaller and larger systems allowing easy transfers from one size box to the next.   units allowing transfers to and from.  Users can transfer to this or use this for all around plant growing. Comes with everything needed to grow including:

  • Grow and flower spectrum bulbs, 3 of each. Or choose hanging UFO led for best yield.

  • 6 plant hydroonics system with net cups, oxygenator and pump.

  • growing medium, just add water

  • grow and flower nutrients, now includes 6 months worth of Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom by General Hydroponics.

  • intake and exhaust fan with carbon filtration on exhaust, also doubles as light blocker on both fan holes.

  • snap lock doors for ultimate tightness, now using spring loaded upgraded latches that snap best, accepts any mini padlock for ultimate security.

  • New neoprene weather seal for front door light sealing at its best.

  •  Now included free are 6 months CO2 food. Allows for even healthier plants than ever before.

  • Does it work? See below

Grow Box Facts :

  • Ours was first produced in 2008.  Videos page will show original models. had to change box names since, but not our company name.
  • Ours is over $100 less than the Cash Crop Grow Box 3 foot version.  A popular 3 foot grow system.  Still higher quality or your money back, we care about making a quality box for best price.
  • Ours has intake and exhaust fan, not one exhaust fan and a intake “air slot”.  Air hitting leaves and stems at bottom helps strengthen plant, especially when young and growing, even if you were growing in your own tent, it’s a fact.
  • Spring loaded latches, they snap tighter, we have used the others before this is the best option we have found yet.  Inside door lined with neoprene weather seal, the best coverage we could find yet.
  • Dual layer carbon prefilter covers rear of both fans.

The Ghost Cabinet is a Solid choice.

Will grow better than the aerogarden deluxe guaranteed or your money back. This unit compares to the cash crop  and other grow boxes on the web for less.   Literally plug it in and grow nice Plants guaranteed inside your stealth grow box. Stock odor filters inlcuded for smell, lockable light sealing latches on every box.  These latches are better quality then we or anyone has used on grow boxes until now, they are spring loaded which competitors boxes are not, making a unique seal with a new neoprene weatherseal.

Every grow box shipped goes through a light seal test to ensure total light seal from door latch closing.

It literally took years to get a seal this solid, this is the best of weather seal materials we have ever used.  Other boxes don’t have the ability to last as long, and seal as well as our newest designs do.   We know because we upgraded materials that we have even used in past and have brought materials outside of the norm into these sealing and latching mechanisms.   We have scoured the market and been in it since 2008,  and set a standard to be better than any other entry level boxes on the market by far.  Now includes 6 months worth of MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom nutrients by General Hydroponics.

Beginner Friendly hydroponic grow system.

This is an Excellent Grow Box for a beginner.  If this is your first time growing simply print out our instructions sheet here, and get ready to have a nice first grow!  Another thing is included is growing help, simply email us or use chat feature or text, and we can help get you going in the right direction, and have you set up in minutes upon arrival.  Boxes arrive in 7 to 10 days max, we are only shipping to lower 48 states in USA and Shipping is included in price.

Get it now, harvest in no time. Guaranteed to Grow.

299$-screw in LED bulbs

389$-hanging UFO LED(best)

Contact Us at

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 15.75 × 36.5 in

Regular, with Grow Shelf, 150 W LED Lighting w/ Larger Fans, 360 W LED w/ Larger Fans

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21 thoughts on “Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow Box”

  1. This company does a great job of making their clients feel welcomed. Their customer care and consumer relations are magnificent. They respond quickly to their emails and phone calls. They really are unique when that way. I am grateful for that. For any nervous folks out there/newbies, this would a great place to get started. Thank you again John for all your support and understanding.

  2. Sorry about light timing issue, try to be two days max behind box. We have shipped inside box in past but received multiple damages to box and lights.

  3. Received boxes in a very fast time, upgraded the lights and fan but sadly the lights wont be here for another week. Cabinet Is hand made and of good construction, The bubbler in the box could use a rubber motor mount to reduce vibration and sound. the larger fans produce a good air flow and run pretty quiet.
    The customer service alone deserves 5 stars but had I known the lights were going to be sent from chino C.A. in the slowest manner possible I would have gone with amazon and been up and running last week.
    Over all I would recommend this box and this company despite my personal issues.

  4. Received ghost box in a timely matter. If your a first time grower this is the smart box for you!! I don’t work for the company but it’s simple enough to understand as a first time grower. Surprisingly light in weight, just add timer and thermostat an your good to go… John answered all my questions and I haven’t regretted the purchase, looking forward to the grow

  5. Randy…9/2/16…just received my cabinet…everything works great….construction looks solid…gonna start today and I anticipate good success with it…will let you know how it goes…at this point I am very pleased

  6. What great customer service, they were able to help me out right away with some advise, The cabinet is well made, Thanks again!!!

  7. This product is amazing and better built than other the guys. From the time of purchase, shipping, and setup these guys at UH have been a text away. Every response in under 10 minutes! I look forward to my next purchase already. For any doubters out there, you should reconsider giving this product a shot.

  8. This is the second box I’ve ordered in just a couple of months. Both orders came very quick and packaging was very discrete. The box its self is set up and ready to use in ten minutes. Everything you need is included from growing medium to nutrients and even bulbs. I’m new to this and when I freak out and think I’m screwing up I text the owner of the company expecting some type of response in a day or two but not at all. Just last night I sent a text at 4:00 am and had an answer back in just a couple of minutes. Not just a generic text book answer either but a for real conversation with all my issues addressed. The customer service couldn’t possibly be better. I absolutely recommend ordering from this company. Great price, everything included and real people on the other end of a phone to help you out. They’re awesome!

  9. This is my second box.very happy with first one but the second box the bottom fan is not working.have took it apart the wire was cut,repaired that but fan is shot.I can put a new one in. My address is 7526 Coltrane rd. Hartville Mo.65667 Pleas send another one,I can install.other than that.this is a good cabinet.would recommend this.PLEAS HELP..

  10. Great box, great customer service, great people.. I would definitely recommend dealing with UH

  11. From the box to the customer service I give it 5 stars the box works absolutely amazing, only took 4 day to arrive, my plants are growing fast and amazing this is the first time I ever grown anything the box does almost all of it works great I recommend it 100 % to anyone that is looking to grow anything indoors

  12. The very low cost of this box, combined with the quality and the superb customer service, I’d give it a strong five. I ordered this box and it showed up to my house in 4 days flat! the packaging was very discrete, which is a huge plus for most. I’m pretty new to all of this, and inevitably I’ve had some pretty newb questions and every single one has been answered almost immediately by people who really seem to care. this has been a great buyer experience and i will surly be back for future purchases.

  13. This box is really great for propergation , veggring, cloning. Not as forgiving as soil but once you are up and running it is clean fast growth. Great for auto & shorts . I’m just saying…

  14. Very happy with my purchase, box came speedy and stealthy,box quality is excellent and the price paid is unbeatable compared to other companies, I also want to complement the customer service 5 stars! I will be buying another box but will upgrade to the 4ft box uv probably read in other reviews here,If your in the market and want to buy a grow box I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.. Oh and my plants are about a month from harvest and look insane big and healthy! 🙂

  15. I give it a 5 up at the most high hur to say grow box work and if u not tryna try them out u playn working on one planning on getting another 1

  16. Great product extremely fast shipping and the customer service was exceptional everything was as described over all my expectations were exceeded.

  17. From shipping to 24/7 technical support from the team at unique Hydro. Discreet, quick shipping, helpful staff, and quality products is why I’ll never go anywhere else.

  18. I was literally about to get the cash crop grow box after my friend used it and came across this page after lots of research. I’m now outgrowing him and luckily I paid $200 less , I’ll take it, thanks unique-hydro!

  19. Solid box, it’s not big but grows great I’m pleased with it but will probably add a 4 foot box next to it after first harvest.

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