Make Your Own Custom Grow Box Package.



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This is the deluxe Make your own Custom Grow Box Package.

Choose from one of our smaller boxes for vegetation and one of our larger boxes for flowering.  This set will include a basic vegetation box and a flowering box side by side.

We are starting with the Ghost Mini Grow Box Hydroponics Version.

  • Grow and Flower Nutrients 6 months each.
  • Grow Cubes medium for seed starting and root growth.
  • Grow Bulbs x 3 , Will perfectly work for vegetating plants to fill this box before flowering box transfer.

Hydroponics version also includes:

  • 6 Months CO2 enhancing tablets.
  • 6 Plant Hydroponic System Deep water culture, includes pump, tubing, net pots, and oxygenator.

Next will be a chamber for flowering to choose from.  Beginning with our 4 foot Ghost cabinet, a clone of the Ghost Mini but four feet tall with extra large flowering bulbs. This system uses the exact system as the Ghost Mini grow box so transferring is a breeze.   The Next option is the Ultimate Deep CFL Cabinet, a deeper, wider version of the Ghost 4 foot.  This grow box uses a 20 quart, 9 plant system instead of a 6 plant, 6 quart system as the Ghost Mini  and 4 foot version do.  The Ultimate Cabinet is able to handle more growth and overall width.  The final option is our highest yielding grow box, the Yield Machine Max Grow Box.  This system uses LED grow light, a 180 watt UFO styled light.  Its the same size and width of the Ultimate Deep CFL Cabinet, but has a higher powered light.  This light is capable for maximum yields inside a personal sized cabinet by still allowing very low electrical usage.

  • Ghost Cab 4 foot3 x XL sized Flower bulbs  48″ tall. 16″ wide. 9.5″ deep. 6 plant, 6 quart Hydroponics.
  • Ultimate Deep CFLCabinet3 x XL flower bulbs.  48″ tall, 17.75″ wide, 13.5″ deep. 9 plant, 20 quarts hydroponics.
  • Yield Machine Max150 watt high yield LED grow light. 48″ tall, 17.75″ wide, 13.5″ deep. 9 plant , 20 quarts hydroponics.

These larger cabinets all come with a Hydroponics system equipped with everything needed to grow.  You will not need anything but seeds, the only thing we do not provide.

  • 6 Months Grow and Flower Nutrients.
  • Hydroponics systems, with pump, tubing, oxygenator and grow medium.
  • Two largest cabinets combos also include ph kit and Timer.
  • Smaller cabinets can hook up to any basic timer kit you have.
  • All cabinets include intake and exhaust fan with activated carbon prefilters.  Which help with some odors a bit and also block light.  Noone has to many issues with box filters used but the only way to be 100% we’ve seen in any grow is with a room sized carbon filter which is coming soon.  They do help though their included free in every box and help cover and light leaks from fans also.

If your a beginner a want a nice system with two stages to grow with, these cabinets will do the job.  If you have grown outdoors and looking to a winter grow this system will work for you.  It will not produce as much as a outdoor plant with unlimited growth potential, but will produce very surprisingly high yields in a relatively small space.  Full support and grow help available anytime.

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Additional information

Vegetation Box

Ghost Mini Hydroponic Grow Box 2ft., Ghost Mini Soil Grow Box 2 ft.

Flowering Box

Ghost Cab 4 Foot, Ultimate Deep CFL Cabinet, Yield Machine Max 4 foot LED Grow Box.