Mother Machine Max LED Grow Cabinet


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2 left in stock. Now includes 1000w eqv COB switchable/dimmable full spectrum grow light.  

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Mother Machine Max Grow Cabinet Now using 1000w eqv Full Spectrum switchable Grow/Bloom with dimmer control grow light.

Based on original Yield Machine Max, the mother machine version is best version we have for fullest plants.

Uses dual exhaust fans, and one intake fan below along with High Powered 300 W full spectrum LED and side LED lighting.

Full Size Mother Max stands 48 tall, 18 wide, 13.5 deep.

Allows 2 nice sized plants at a time, and maximizes flower potential with heavy duty deep penetrating top lighting as well as LED low heat side lighting.  Gets every branch possible.

Included in Mother Max Grow Cabinet:

  • self vented Mother max chamber with odor/light blocking dual layer filters on all fan holes in rear.

  • 2 plant, 20 quart DWC hydroponic system.  Over 3x more water capacity than cash crop or our Ghost cabinet has.  Includes net pots, 10x grow medium for future grows.  Pump and tubing as well as oxygenator all included.

  • 1000W equivalent Full Spectrum LED lighting, raise or hang low.  As well as Dim, select how much Veg and how much bloom spectrum you want.

  • Side lighting flowering spectrum LED low heat lighting.

  • Lockable spring loaded latches.

  • Flora Series by General Hydroponics nutrients, 16oz bottles of Flora Grow, Flora Micro, and Flora Bloom. not small samples.

  • PH leveling powder.

  • Grows worth of CO2 Tablets(more available in accessories page).

  • Digital Timer(wifi control tech timer available in accessories page).

Outgrows any CFL cabinet out there right now.  This LED power is highest amount possible for this size cabinet. We guarantee will grow better than completion grow boxes at this price point easily.

Stealth and secure, discreet shipping included.

Get growing now. Arrives in 7-10 days.

Full support thru chat button anytime during grows.





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