Extreme Odor Freestanding Carbon Filter



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Carbon Filter and High Speed Fan combination package.

This is a free standing filter and High CFM fan combo.  This unit will stand next to your grow box or can vent to it but right next to it will work perfect for major ODOR removal.

Contents of the combo:      

    • 4″ x 12″ Virgin Carbon Filter
    • 4″ Inline Duct Fan 175 CFM
    • Pre filter included
    • High quality Australian virgin activated RC 412 carbon
    • Aluminum construction: weighs 50% less than the competition
    • 48mm carbon bed: 10% more carbon than the competition
    • Up to 2 years in life expectancy
    • Large mesh openings for a highly effective scrub
    • Designed for enclosed environment
    • Odor control for better privacy
    • Cleaner air to promote better health

Works with any of our grow cabinets or your current closet grow.  Will filter out odor from standing next to your grow, and recirculating any air in room, thru and back out of this filter, some have reported even cigarette smoke inside a room with this filter will even mask smells such as this.

Vent ducting is not necessary to eliminate odors, but some customers hoose to vent elsewhere such as outside their grow room so this is also an option.

Get yours today, we searched for a best combo parts available to bring this filter for less than hydro stores by a longshot.

This is complete system with High Cfm fan and odor removing carbon filter, both 4″ vent sized.

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Filter Options

No Ducting Vent, With Ducting Vent