The Ultimate Deep CFL Grow Cabinet

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High Quality, Low Energy Use Grow Box.

After recent grow tests, the 4 foot Ghost Pro LED box will match this cabinet for 10$ less.  the Yield Machine Max 300 watt LED Grow box will almost double yield for 89$  more.

The ultimate Deep CFL Cabinet is a newer, larger, more powerful version of our staple CFL  grow box.  It truly is one of the best options we have, below only the Yield Machine Series LED cabinets.   A massive 20 quart, 9 plant hydroponic system and higher powered lighting proves to be the largest box with best attributes anywhere on the web for under $500 Guaranteed.
4 Foot tall, 18  inches wide. 13 inches deep. This is the larger brother of the original Ghost cabinet and Ghost cabinet 4 foot box standard.  Which use 6 quart, 6 plant systems.
This uses a deeper, larger hydroponic basin and larger oxygenator. 3.3x larger water capacity than the Cash Crop Grow Box,  This will allow you to grow very nice plants year round, without using up to much electricity with HID lighting.  Our system is equipped with everything needed to grow including:

  • 100 watt eqv. Grow Bulbs x 3

  • 100 Watt eqv. Flower Bulbs x 3

  • Grow Shelf, For easy Vegetative stage closer to the plants

  • 20 quart (5 Gallon) deep water culture hydroponic system with oversized oxygenator, pump, tubing, net pots, and grow cubes

  • carbon filtration and blackout light protection on rear of fans.

  • intake and exhaust fans

  • Light timer

  • grow and flower nutrients, 6 months worth of each

  • CO2 enhancing tablet, 6 months worth

  • Ph leveling powder

If your looking to grow larger than our smaller personal systems, this is the answer our big growers have been waiting for, and still far less than the competition.
If you compare to the Cash Crop 4.0 at 525$ you’ll realize the difference very quick. Ours is taller by a foot, deeper, 3.5 x larger hydroponic system, dual fans intake and exhaust not just one exhaust.  This cabinet also uses 100 watt eqv. cfl bulbs, not 60 like the cash crop.  We use the best materials and make the best quality box, at the best prices guaranteed.  We market our site for free advertising and don’t have to kill you with ridiculous prices to cover our advertising overhead like everywhere else.
Choose this box or the our new 4 foot ufo LED version of this which is same cabinet with larger fans and 150 watt UFO LED.  These two cabs will outgrow anything at this price point guaranteed.   Any questions, can reach me at 856-994-2778. This box is coming very popular here locally and the growers are coming back for more, it now is available nationwide right here.

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3 reviews for The Ultimate Deep CFL Grow Cabinet

  1. 5 out of 5


    Love this unit. slightly modified with an additional power outlet below the shelf and added 2 more lights and run top as mother holder and bottom as clone/early veg chamber. I will definitely recommend these guys to anyone.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this Cabinet and it is well built. The guidance you get from this company on your grow is outstanding. If you are looking to grow this box and the help they provide is excellent!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This cabinet is a deal, I had the two foot and got this to flower in few months later after good results but need for more room. These two are all ever need now getting a decent yield without high electric bills.

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