Mega Soil Complete Grow Tent 8Ft x 4Ft


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UltraYield Grow Tent, Huge Stealth Grow Room for sale.  One of the largest grow tents you will find, shipped from USA.  Heavy Duty construction consists of metal frame.  Easy set up in under 30 minutes.


Can grow pounds of matter at a time.  32 square feet of grow space= Highest yields anywhere for cost.

8×4 solid grow tent.

2x 600 Watt Dual spectrum LED lighting. Now includes 2x of the newest LED light tech lights.

That’s two grow lights, both high powered and will produce sick yields on low electric usage. 5 watt leds, one light alone at some places will be half the cost of our entire combo, legit 5 w led grow lights, 2 included.

Grow  Gigantic Plants. 25 5 gallon soil grow bags included.

6″ intake fan

4 “Freestanding carbon filter vent combo. High CFM Exhaust fan removes hot odored air out of grow room and thru carbon odor eliminating filter.

Easy to Grow Soil Package includes everything you need to Grow Large.



Brand New 2 Doors 8′ x 4′ x 6’6″(Approx. 96″ x 48″ x 78-3/4″ Upgraded Grow Tent with Improved Reflective Interior Mylar. 100% lightproof environment. All metal construction, 600D oxford cloth with exterior zippers design ensure safety use and essay set up. Multiple vents to accommodate fans and filter. Great for you to grow exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits out of season. Indoor gardening made easy!

Metal Construction and large 8×4 foot size make this a truly massive stealth grow room.  Add anything you like to this large grow area.

  • Size: 96″(L)x48″(W)x78-3/4″(H)
  • Exterior Material: heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
  • Interior Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar
  • Frame: white paint coated metal rods
  • Connector Material: sturdy metal
  • Each Rod Capacity: 88 lbs (40 Kg)
  • TWO largezippered door for easy to set up and storage.
    Our 2 Doors design is unique in eBay for large growing tents.
  • Two zippered windows for sun shining or ventilating more convenient.
  • Two-double vents for regulating the flow of air more effective.
  • Rectangle vents with mesh for better ventilation.
  • Interior material use Diamond mylar enhance the reflective effect.





You will receive everything needed except soil to get started on your next grow.

Package Contents:
1x Reflective Growing Tent Cover
1  Metal Frame
1x Assembly Instruction
1x Removable Water-proof Floor Tray
2x 600 Watt LED full spectrum grow lights( 5 w leds)
25 5 gallon  soil grow pots(bags)
4″ odor eliminating freestanding carbon filter, with high CFM exhaust fan.
6″ intake fan

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