Yield Machine Max 4 Foot UFO Grow Box

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Get it now for under 600$ with the 300W VEG/Bloom switch LED grow light and discreet shipping all included. Just plant, plug in and go!



Our Highest Yielding Hydroponic Grow Box for cost.

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The New Yield Machine Max is one of our newest grow cabinets., and by the far the best and highest yielding.  Compare yields to cabinets over double the cost.  With more users looking for more yield without the multiple thousand plus dollar price tags, we now have the Yield Machine Max.  Grow from seed to harvest in half the time of an outdoor grow with great yielding results. Everything needed for a successful grow is included in your purchase, just add seeds! Our newest box is four feet tall, 18″ wide , 13″ deep. It is large in width and now houses a hydroponic basin 3x the size of the original yield machine grow box($475) using a 20 quart hydroponic system.  * Original yield machine is available also using a 6 quart, 6 plant system. This cabinet comes equipped stock with a 150 watt High Powered but low heat UFO Led grow light. Light is removable up or down. Comes in separate package with included hardware. Box fully assembled. upgradeable to 300 Watt LED with dual exhaust.

But does it work?  See below.

  • Includes 2 grows worth of General Hydroponics Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom nutrients.

  • 2 extra large fans intake and exhaust 4.75″by4.75′ fans.  With carbon filtration and light cover system in rear at fan air holes, light leak and odor control in one.

  • Dual exhaust fans and an intake fan in 300 w version. 300W version features VEG/Bloom switch.

  • 9 plant sites, 20 Quart Hydroponic system using deep water culture. Equipped and installed pump, tubing, bubbler, Net pots 2″ , and grow cubes, everything needed is included to grow. USE 1-2 plants only for full harvest, 1-9 for cloning and seed starting.

  • CO2 enhancing tablets.

  • Carbon filtration odor block filters with light blocking, also included FREE

  • snap down latches, spring loaded, for ultimate tightness and accepts any mini padlock for ultimate security.

  • Timer for light scheduling

  •  Light comes with mounting hangers .  Can be raised or lowered by looping of strings included.  We recommend 1-2 plants if doing full harvest inside box, will produce higher yields than squeezing more. 9 slots is great for cloning or vegetation and transfer.

Check out users Grows HERE.

Cabinet is fully assembled and ready to go, just plug in and mount your led light to the hook, and your good to grow the day you get this box. Tons of legal patients are saving thousands of dollars growing their own medicine instead of spending high dispensary prices.  These are recent legal patient medical grow photos from California.  More photos in our chat forums page some threads showing more grows. Free Shipping to the USA, no add ons at checkout, everything is included, price seen is price paid order or call now. For 50$ more than the cash crop grow box and less money than a super locker, the Yield Machine Max is a great growing system, we will guarantee this will grow more dense, thicker topped awesome plants than these above systems can both stock or the box is free!  We already know it does, and we’re willing to offer this deal to prove it.

Beginner friendly hydroponic grow box system.

This is our top yielding, personal sized 4 foot grow cabinet system that we offer, it is still just as beginner friendly as our smaller kits, but allowing more yield than the rest of the systems can offer.

We’ve searched above and beyond for the best  deals on hydroponic grow cabinets and as far as yield and quality in one for the money, nothing comes close to our Yield machine Max LED Grow box.

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Light Power

150 Watt UFO LED Grow Light, 300w with Deluxe Dual Exhaust, 2 Plant Site Mega Mother Max, 300w LED Dual Exhaust with side LED lighting.

15 thoughts on “Yield Machine Max 4 Foot UFO Grow Box”

  1. I have a cash crop 2.0 it did the job , I got an 1.5oz. I got this after harvest, got 5 oz first run, with one beefy plant. It was well worth it, I didn’t touch it except for once a week basin cleanout followed by nutrients. I’m currently running the crop 2.0 for veg and this for bloom.

  2. I already had the Ghost Mini, and it was perfect for starting plants but I needed more. This is doing the job for me very nicely as my flowering chamber, and I’m doing all my veg stage in the small box. I like it as my grow time is basically cut in half by vegging in separate box altogether.

  3. I want to start off by saying I highly recommend this unit. I’m halfway through my second grow. Some things I will say… This is definitely for 1 or 2 plants MAX if you plan to do a full grow cycle in this cabinet. That being said… It’s a very good box for the price. The light is great quality (I chose the 300w Dual Exhaust), still have plenty of Nutrients left for at least 2 more grows. You will want to make sure that you light proof the lid.
    My first grow I tried to fit 3 mature plants… IT DOES NOT WORK! 2 MAX!! I was still able to get a modest harvest, and I’ve never tried growing before. So I can say it’s VERY easy. Just make sure you set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day.
    Also, sign up for a UPS account. That’ll be the easiest way to track the light, as it ships separate.

  4. I plan on submitting a review after my first grow finishes. I’ve done dirt but this is my learning kit for hydro. First off, if you’re extremely impatient as I am, understand there’s going to be several pkgs. I have everything except the CO2 tabs, timer, and grow cubes. Decided not to wait. I got the 300W LED and glad for it. Its the MarsHydro. I Believe its real (entry or older model) as real close scrutiny doesn’t reveal any flakiness. Gonna c how the ladies like that 300. I’ve seen reviews slamming the build quality , they’re full of crap and u can tell your nosy other its an air scrubber because it kinda looks like a speaker cabinet 🙂 ! Also, I’ve seen a complaint about fan noise, also BS. Not much louder than my laptop. Build is good, better than I though it would be. I haven’t checked for light leaks cuz I’m doing autos. If I do anything else, this box will be clones or seedlings so leaks won’t matter (and from looking over the box I could fix any leaks super quick n easy). If I were going to complain, it would be about no larger boxes (I understand the owners reason and would do the same, maybe Unique could consider a DIY kit for a bit larger size?), or if the PH levelers have no strips with them, or cuz the light doesn’t have on/off switch. Not valid complaints in my book. I don’t care much since I love advanced nutes and I’m using their PH perfect products in this anyway and a timer will work for the light if I don’t go 24hr. Bottom line is if u need a personal box or a box for clones/seedlings this looks to be the best option for price and product. And if you do need to get in touch, you won’t b waiting long at all for a response. So, for what I got for the price (even considering the few things still to come), Unique Hydro has made a big fan of a critical, grumpy old person. Definitely recommended.

  5. Just received all items for my Yield Machine MAX, great quality! Had everything I needed within a week! Starting my first grow with it and will post results. Excellent product for those looking for an all in one startup for a fraction at what other grow boxes sell for without the YEILD. Customer support has been great, will answer all your questions quickly! Highly RECOMMEND!!!

  6. Absolutely thrilled with this box. It runs great, the extra fan really helps with the circulation and keeps the temp right around 80. Very happy overall with its performance.

  7. Great box well put together everything came like said will for sure continue doing business with this guy

  8. First off love my box came faster than expected got it in about 4 days and it was perfect set up in seconds it took me longer to take it out the super protected box which I love. Perfect for novice & senior growers well recommended. Staff was super supportive the whole process great Customer Service. Thanks Again Love My Yield Machine Max!!!

  9. very sturdy product,well built,quality is great ,I would recommend to anyone ,also very helpful to answer questions, great customer support, the response was incredible!

  10. just got my box and its well build. The 180w LED is awesome. cant wait till grow. Got the box in 5 days. I will be posting pic of my grow so look out for it. thank unique hydroponic


  12. Awesome box! Amazing price! Plants are growing better than ever. Great company as well.. VERY helpful and always aiming to please. Well put together and works great. Not going to find a better deal than this! Will definitely be buying from these guys again!

  13. well built. Good backup support, fast and knowlegable heip. Just started yesterday. large enough for a good harvest. Will get back on that

  14. I’m finally able to grow something without any animals or insects ruining it before I get to enjoy it. Love how I can continue to grow my favorite herbs and veggies throughout the year. Well built and overall a great product!

  15. Really happy I decided to go with this box. My plants are doing great with the extra room. Excellent build quality. This is my second box from this site. A++

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