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Custom grow box builds, call for quote.

Custom grow box builds available now.
We have been doing custom grow boxes for local customer for years. We have figured out shipping and can now offer extra large grow box builds done custom to order. If you like to receive a quote on exactly what you want inside, give us a call. We have recently done an extra large 4 foot tall 3 foot wide 2 foot deep. This customer wanted more size than we usually offer at a price he was comfortable with and we were able to make him exactly what he hoped for. With a top feed drip and bottom double bubble feed, this system uses two hydroponics systems in one. This cabinet also uses 4 t5 grow light tubes down the sides and back allowing light everywhere . It finishes with two 180 watt UFO led grow lights. With dual intake and dual exhaust fresh air is always inside and out of their systems. If you have something in mind and would like a quote at the least give us a call today, 8563718668.Custom growbox Custombox2