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Grow Boxes on sale now with coupon code.

Take advantage of this coupon code offer, use 35 off at checkout for discount on any grow box we offer.  We have extra units in stock and ready to make someone a great garden.  If you’ve been considering a grow cabinet for a while but were unsure when to pull the trigger, the time could be better than ever with this discount.  With other companies offering copied version of our stuff at even higher prices, were getting fed up and making sure we have the best deals over anyone out there.  It’s time to get growing now that the cold air is coming in, and this is an entry level price-point to make your indoor garden dreams a reality.  Once you receive your grow box, give us a call if need and we’ll help you get started within 5 minutes of receiving your box.  We have hands on grow help from people that actually know a few things about hydroponic growing, we don’t source our calls to cheap clerks who have no idea what their talking about like other pages will give you.  The time is now, get growing inside one of the personal size grow boxes today, and make sure you use the code 35OFF at checkout.