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Quality grow boxes for sale.


Quality, affordable Grow boxes for sale.

Indoor growing season is here, and it’s time to get ready for a new season of growing indoors.  Inside any of our grow boxes, gardening doesn’t have to stop until next spring anymore.  From the 2 foot lowryder box to the Yield machine max grow box, we have the cabinet you need to grow amazing plants at an affordable price.

Indoor growing can be done by anyone, even a first time grower.

A lot of customers are always worried because they haven’t grown before.  The thing with our systems is you don’t need to be an expert to grow beautiful plants.  Here’s a beginner grow just 2 weeks in on the larger 3 plants and less than a week on the 2 on the far right.Growboxforsale In this system the patient grew 3 plants a week earlier then the last two just testing growth at first and realizing the potential.  You can see the broad growth in only two weeks using the original kush cabinet.  This was also a first time grow and is going on as we speak.  Whether your a first time hydroponics grower or seasoned pro, Unique-Hydroponics can help. Be sure to check out all of our grow boxes for sale today, and get growing this week. Lowrydergrowbox