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Number One in Mini Grow Box.

ghost mini

Unique Hydroponics originally set out for one thing, to be the most affordable personal sized mini grow box in the world.  With systems such as the aerogarden being the lone competitors back in 2008, we started off with the original Lowryder Grow Box.  At just 2 feet tall, this was a system patients could use to grow small plants in an enclosed system that was larger than a PC grow box.  PC grow boxes were just coming out back then, and we could not understand what all the hype was about.  With a PC case being well, small,  our lowryder grow box was a step above and beyond the PC grow box.

Since then we have expanded to a 3 and 4 foot grow box range, while still being specific on the smaller personal medical marijuana grower, looking to grow safely inside a stealth, furnished garden.  Whether a small personal grow using cfl inside one of our boxes or our highest yielding LED grow box, we have mini indoor garden for you.

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