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Quality medical grow boxes with proven results.

At Unique Hydroponics, making a high quality grow box is our number one thing we do.  We make sure the box is tested, inspected, and made to grow.  With such cabinets as the lowryder deluxe being a perfect vegetable box up to the yield machine max led grow box.  This system, above all others, is our highest yielding grow box.  This cabinet, at half the cost of similar grow cabinets, uses 180w UFO led grow light and full turn key hydroponics systems.  Below out some shots of it in action.

If you are in the market to grow your own plants,  this is a great place to start.  Our systems are beginner friendly, and we provide unlimited grow support for as long as you need.  With a hydroponic grow box kit from us, you will be able to grow massive personal plants without the high monthly costs associated with larger grow room setups.  Ledgrowbox

New Stealth Grow Box web Design.

Our new stealth grow box web design is finally complete.

With our new site, users can more easily checkout than ever before.  We also are offering more grow cabinets for sale than ever before.  If your looking for a personal sized grow system for your medical needs we have the machine for you.  Even a beginner can grow in our cabinets.  With the small Lowryder deluxe for auto-flowers or up to our Yield Machine Max for the more larger yield type of grower, we have an answer for you at a great price.  Check out our users recent grows on our facebook page anytime.


New grow box webpage launch.

Today is launching of our new designed web page, still uses our original url.  With this launch is easier to handle checkout and faster payments and orders being filled quick as possible.  Our grow cabinets are ready to go and the New Yield Machine Max grow box is a brand new hit among growers.  Growers looking for maximum yield in a small amount of room that is.  For half the price of competitive grow cabinets out there with these features, this new cabinet is sure to please even the most yield hunting grower.  Check out our new yield machine grow box page today.