We are Number 1 in quality low cost grow cabinets anywhere.

hydro peppers veg

Unique-Hydroponics is Number 1 is low cost personal grow cabinets anywhere in the world today.

We are a lower overhead company in a group ownership environment that we all work on every aspect of the business 7 days a week.  Other grow box companies do nt have the capability to sell units as we can.

Grow Boxes that deliver results on a budget.

With such a simple entry level grow box as our Ghost Cabinet 3 foot grow system, even this unit delivers fantastic results for any grower.  Below we have some units growing nice peppers in vegetation stage and nice basil as well.

ghost basil

hydroponic pepper box

Get growing step by step all the way to harvest with Unique-Hydroponics Grow Box Kits.

CFL cabinets are great and were used in above grows, but now we also carry LED version grow cabinets that can potentially yield even higher results than previously possible with CFL.

Check out all of our beginner friendly, awesome grow cabinets today.