What comes with a Unique Hydroponics grow box kit?

When planning to start out with hydroponics trying to contain all the info from a ton of different sources can be a daunting task.  With a grow box kit from Unique Hydroponics, you will only need to provide seeds to get rolling on your new indoor grow.  With every grow box offered on our page, they all include everything needed to grow from home except seeds.

Included in every package is as follows:

  • Net pots and grow medium with as many slots as needed per cabinet.
  • Full deep water culture hydroponics system equipped with oxygenator, pump and tubing.
  • grow and flower spectrum lighting which provides perfect lighting for each of your plants crucial stages.
  • intake and exhaust fans to keep temps perfect for growing and provide fresh air needed to the leaves and stems for stronger growth.
  • Dual activated carbon layered filters provide light leak protection over fans as we’ll as odor help.
  • spring loaded snap shut doors for ultimate in light sealing on door.
  • clean black hand built and hand painted cabinet which fits in any room without causing any questions.
  • power source inside box incase want to add anything else that needs power in future without modifying the seal of the inside of the grow box.

Searching around the web is encouraged but we try and offer the best deal anywhere in the world on turn key hydroponic grow boxes.

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